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12: Realms: Dungeonland Late Pledge Now on Game On Tabletop

12 Realms: Dungeonland has returned on Game On Tabletop! Yes, there was already a campaign on Kickstarter. Why you can find the game here? It’s very simple. This is a late pledge. All of you who weren’t able to back it on Kickstarter, you now have the chance to back it here! There’s lots of content for everyone.

So here’s how this works:

  • If you back it now: In your base pledge you get everything that has unlocked on Kickstarter and is already available as an unlocked stretch goals + everything that unlocks here. No Kickstarter Exclusive items though, sorry.
  • If you have backed it on Kickstarter: You get every stretch goal that unlocks here!

So essentially it’s a win win for everyone. New backers get all that’s been unlocked by now, old backers will get more lbs worth of a game, without spending more money.

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