A Surprise Planeswalker Arrives When All Seems Lost in Magic #18

BOOM! Studio has revealed a first look at Magic #18, the next issue from acclaimed comics writer Jed MacKay, artists Ig Guara and Arancia Studio’s Arianna Consonni, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, about bloody revenge and a desperate escape attempt, available on September 7, 2022.

Tezzeret knows he’s been betrayed… and he’s set his bloodhound, Tibalt, on the traitor’s trail. Now Garruk, Chandra, and Niko are all that stand between Davriel Cane and a gruesome death at Tibalt’s hands. Cane’s agreed to play bait, but insists on a Cabaretti-class production behind him, complete with a guest star Planeswalker who might just give our heroes what they need to find their way back to Ravnica and save Vraska, Kaya, and Ral!

Magic #18 features main cover art by acclaimed artist Miguel Mercado, a polybagged Secret Planeswalker Variant Cover by Frany, and an Incentive Variant Cover by Junggeun Yoon.

Magic #18

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