Adam’s Apple Games’ Swordcrafters Has You Build a Sword in 3D

Swordcrafters is a new game from the creators of Brewin’ USA and Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy currently live on Kickstarter with the campaign ending March 20.

Adam’s Apple Games is back on Kickstarter seeking funding for his new game Swordcrafters where you build a 3D sword while you play that you hold in your hand. You can learn to play in minutes but the strategic and spatial configuration of the sword crafting will keep you on the edge of your seat. Swordcrafters starts with 2D components and delivers an imaginative 3D experience that will bring you back to your nostalgic childhood of holding a cardboard sword.

Each round starts with a grid of sword tiles, each showing a different colored gem.  The sword tiles are the 2D pieces that you will craft into your 3D sword.  The gems are relevant to determining your sword’s quality and magic.  On your turn, you get to create a slice in the grid of sword tiles and later get to choose one of the groupings created by the slices.  You will be competing with your opponents to snatch up the sword tiles to craft a game winning blade.

When you’re finished with the game, you’re holding approximately a 1.5-2 foot cardboard sword… and you feel awesome no matter what your score is.

Swordcrafters has been playtested rigorously through Protospiel Minnesota and Madison as well as blind playtested locally. The Kickstarter campaign features the base game at $29 US with free shipping domestically and customs friendly shipping internationally. The game comes with a money back guarantee.


Also available is a day one game expansion that is early exclusive to Kickstarter. Swordcrafters: Relic incorporates ancient heirloom blades that have earned their fame in battle into the game. This expansion is intended to add incremental depth to the gameplay as you now need to balance crafting your sword with collecting ancient relics and completing their requirements.

The game is for 2-5 players ages 8+ and about 30 minutes to play.

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