Add Ground-to-Air Units to Your Aeronautica Imperialis

Forge World has two releases today for Aeronautica Imperialis. You can add ground-to-air units for your T’au and Astra Militarum forces. Check out below to see what you can pre-order now.

Fill the skies with bursts of deadly shrapnel! Defend Imperial air space with these gun emplacements. The Astra Militarum Ground Assets for Aeronautica Imperialis are up for pre-order now – including a Hydra flak battery, Basilisk Anti-aircraft Emplacement, and a fuel depot. The set retails for $35.

Astra Militarum Ground Assets

Defend T’au air space with drone-enhanced gun emplacements and support yor Air Caste fighters with additional firepower. Bring drone-enhanced anti-aircraft guns to bear on your enemies. The T’au Air Caste Ground Assets set gives you a KV 126 Skyfire Platform, KV 129 Stormfury Platform, and a communications emplacement. The set retails for $35.

T'au Air Caste Ground Assets

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