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Add Some Necromunda Firepower with New Hired Guns and Hive Scum

Forge World has two new releases this week for fans of Necromunda: Underhive and Warhammer 40K and Horus Heresy.

If your gang needs some extra bodies in a pinch, you can hardly go wrong with these hired guns to provide additional firepower for your next game of Necromunda: Underhive. You get three figures, 2 Hive Scum and a Bounty Hunter.

Yolanda Skorn, the Bounty Hunter, carries a stilettos knife and holstered stub gun, which she is modelled reaching for with her cybernetic hand. Her face is mostly covered with a ragged veil, which hides the exile scars she received from House Escher. Her miniature is covered in the details you’d expect from a Bounty Hunter, with spikes and leather making up the bulk of her armour, and radio equipment attached to the goggles pushed up over her head.

Grub Targeson and Mad Dog Mono, the 2 Hive Scum, are much larger and more grizzled prospects – Grub, with his wide, hunched shoulders and impressive beard, clutches a combat shotgun and combat knife, while Mad Dog holds a stub gun and glaive. Grub is covered in chunky armour plating, while Mad Dog favours a more minimal approach, with a standout feature being his selection of equipment pouches on his toolbelt.

These models come as 8 components, and are supplied with 3 sculpted Necromunda 25mm Round bases. Rules for using these characters are included, while generic rules for Bounty Hunters and Hive Scum are found in Gang War 2.

You can get all three for £20.

Necromunda Scum and Bounty Hunter

Decorate your Imperial Knights will sigils, kill markings and more with an easy-to-use transfer sheet.

Hailing from the Knight World of Damaetus III/II, House Vyronii was allied to the Imperium in the bitter war against the Traitors of Warmaster Horus. One of the most ancient of Knight Houses in the Segmentum Obscurus, the Vyronii shed so much of their noble blood during the Age of Strife that their numbers and resources were perilously depleted by the closing of the Great Crusade and the outbreak of galactic civil war. Determined not to become mute spectators to their own destiny, the nobles of House Vyronii swore they would stand firm against the arch-Traitor, or else perish.

This is an A4 sheet of transfers, perfect for adding detail to your Mechanicum army. It’s packed with the markings and insignia of House Vyronii, with house symbols, icons, crests, name plates, banners and personal heraldry for Knights included.

Get yours now for £16.

House Vyronii transfer sheet

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