Adepticon 2022: New Chaos Knights Revealed plus Codexes and Army Set!

It’s Adepticon 2022 week and Games Workshop kicked it off with a preview of things to come. New Imperial Knights revealed? Nope, how about Chaos Knights! New kits have been revealed to help you destroy the Imperium.

Revealed is the Knight Abominant which is packed with new details and looks like one hell of a kit.

Also revealed was the War Dog Karnivore. The close combat focused War Dog is sure to tie up the enemy while chopping them up.

War Dog Karnivore

But, the Imperium gets something too. Two codexes are coming, Codex: Imperial Knights and Codex: Chaos Knights were both revealed.

Codex: Imperial Knights and Codex: Chaos Knights

And, if you want to build your force quickly, you can get the Chaos Knights Army Set! It features the Knight Abominant and a pair of Savage War Dogs.

Chaos Knights Army Set

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