Adepticon 2023: Atomic Mass Games reveals new X-Men, Black Panther, and more!

At Adepticon 2023, Atomic Mass Games revealed a lot of what’s coming for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. There were quite a few surprises as well as a lot of characters that players had hoped for.

Photos are from the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Facebook group and we’ll update as official images are released.


The X-Men have a bit of old and new with multiple releases and varied characters. Mainly focused on the X-Men themselves, we also get one villain. Revealed were Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Bishop, Nightcrawler, and Shadow King.

Bishop and Professor X come with some options for heads that look interesting and it looks like Nightcrawler comes with and without his swords.

Black Panther!

There was a focus on expanding the world of Wakanda with multiple reveals including scenery and a new rivals set… which features scenery. M’Baku and Klaw are getting a release with M’Baku featuring more of a look from the movie universe. Klaw is a more traditional look for the character.

There was a bunch of new scenery shown off to help build out your Wakanda boards. And, a new “rivals” pack featuring Black Panther and Killmonger (sporting a look from the film) was shown off which also features some impressive scenery.

Cosmic Ghost Rider and a new Ultron!

In one of the bigger surprises, Cosmic Ghost Rider was revealed for the game. The Punisher and Ghost Rider are currently playable but the inclusion of a relatively new character was a bit out of left field.

A new Ultron was also shown off, this one featuring Ultron drones as well. The release is the continuation of the new rules we’ve seen for the inclusion of figures representing low-level members of Shield, Hydra, and the Hand.

Along with the characters, a look at the cards for Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool were also shown off.

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