Adepticon 2023: Para Bellum announces W’adrhŭn Summer for Conquest

At Adepticon 2023, Para Bellum Wargames announced W’adrhŭn Summer (or Winter for their Southern Hemisphere friends) for Conquest. Between May and September, Conquest will bring forth some incredible releases for those who love W’adrhŭn.

May is the place to start your Path of Conquest with the W’adrhŭn. This Matriarchal society brings the dinosaurs, with great fighters and a truly aggressive play style. A robust 1 player starter ready to play a game of First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings. This W’adrhŭn set is loaded with a complete stand of 12 Blooded and Slingers, a set of 18 Hunting Pack Dinos, a set of 3 Raptor Riders, and the Predator character. Each starter set will have a very thorough First Blood army as well as a great beginning set to play a game of Last Argument of Kings. Included in this set are BOTH rulebooks for First Blood II and TLAOK II.

And now to expand your 1 player starter further…..

June will bring forth the long-awaited Chosen of Conquest, a fantastic infantry set of uniquely posed W’adrhŭn fighters with a whole new look. These 12  W’adrhŭhn are aggressive fighters with style. 

Following the Chosen of Conquest, there will be DINOS – lots of DINOS! Para Bellum’s Artisan Series turns its eyes on a new Mounted Chieftain resin sculpture. You can’t have W’adrhun without dinos! The release of the Brood of Omgorah saw many characters getting a mounted option through it. However, with the upcoming release of the beautiful Thunder Riders their Chieftain will be able to join their thunderous charge. Gearing the Chieftain to 11 gaining Brutal Impact, Linebreaker, and Unstoppable no enemy line will be able to withstand the might of this W’adrhun goodness! A completely new look that we will unveil a little later to keep a little mystery!

The Thunder Riders bring a Ceratopsian look to this army in a very exciting way. This plastic brute set will be dynamic, following the tradition of the top-selling Raptor Riders. These stylized Ceratops figures will look great on tables – especially against the Minotaurs from our recently released City States faction. It is like a bit of evolution played out on your table.

And the dog days of summer will come with the anticipated release of BOTH the Tontorr and a surprise with the Drum Beast. These are two separate MONSTERS of the table. Each with unique play style and a special crew to ride and hang from as they fight off advancing armies. We mean MONSTERS – even larger than our Apex Predator, and they each come with three unique crew members. As a separate item, there will be a special Scion rider alt sculpt for the Drum Beast, and the Tontorr will have a special Chieftain rider alt sculpt available separately. (note Drum Beast crew is not pictured)

There will be a pre-sell campaign on all of these starting in Late May, with exclusive offers for those who pre-purchase the W’adrhŭn items from their favorite FLGS or through our e-shop. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting opportunity!

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