AEG’s Announces Their Annual Black Friday Sale

aeg-logo-bigAlderac Entertainment has announced what you can expect from them this Black Friday. Starting 12am on November 27th, look out for these great deals on their online store through their Black Friday Deals portal:

  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $75 – use coupon code “blacker” at checkout
  • Free random card or board game with every order containing at least 1 card or board game
  • Free L5R Clan Dice and dice bag with every order containing at least 1 L5R RPG Book
  • Free L5R Deck Backers and double Box of Greed with every order containing any L5R CCG product
  • 3 for 2 Specials
    Select Doomtown Saddlebags
    Select L5R RPG Books
  • L5R CCG Evil Portents Booster Display – $20.00
  • Doorbuster Deals up to 50% off MSRP (VERY limited supply)
  • Doomtown Collection – $324.90 > $162.90
    Doomtown: Premium Edition
    Doomtown: Reloaded
    All the Saddlebags up to Nightmare at Noon
    Faith & Fear
    Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force
    The Light Shineth
  • Smash Up Collection – $204.91 > $102.45
    Smash Up
    Smash Up: Munchkin
    The Big Geeky Box
    Awesome Level 9000
    The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
    Science Fiction Double Feature
    Monster Smash
    Pretty Pretty Smash Up
  • L5R RPG Collection – $609.85 > $302.45
    4th Edition Core Book
    Atlas of Rokugan
    Book of Water
    Book of Earth
    Book of Air
    Book of Fire
    Book of Void
    Imperial Histories
    Imperial Histories 2
    Naishou Province
    Secrets of the Empire
    Enemies of the Empire
    Emerald Empire
    The Great Clans
    Sword and Fan
  • Love Letter Bundle $74.93 > $48.70
    Love Letter: Tempest Edition
    Love Letter: L5R Edition
    Love Letter: Kanai Factory Edition
    Munchkin: Loot Letter
    Love Letter: Batman Edition
    Love Letter: The Hobbit Edition
    Love Letter: Adventure Time Edition
  • Lost Legacy Bundle $49.96 > $32.47
    Lost Legacy: Starship
    Lost Legacy: Flying Garden
    Lost Legacy: 2nd Chronicle
    Lost Legacy: 3rd Chronicle
    Lost Legacy: Orb of Prophecy (Promo)
  • Destination Fun Bundle $185.95 > $120.86
    Trains: Rising Sun
    Trains Map Packs 1 & 2
  • Distant Lands Bundle $189.94 > $123.46
    Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh
    Valley of the Kings
    Valley of the Kings: Afterlife


  • What does “double box of greed” mean?

    • Best to ask them, but they ran a previous promotion where the “box of greed” was a box containing 50 random Diamond legal rares and stores were encouraged to allow customers to pull from the box for each booster they purchased.

      • So I sent an email andgot a response……..their customer service guy had no idea either lol! Guess I’ll find out what a “double box of greed” when I get it in the mail…oh well!

      • That doesn’t build confidence.

      • Well I ordered two boxes and they shipped separately. One had 4 extra rares and the other had 16. The one that had 16 was the same four rares over and over, but one was a Temple of Destiny so I was ok with it. Strange that they didn’t have the same amounts of bonus rares in each box though.

      • Yeah, rather odd, but as you said, you’re ok with it, so win!

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