Agricola Returns Bigger and Better than Ever in 2016

A2_Cover_3DAgricola, the award-winning and highly acclaimed game from designer Uwe Rosenberg returns in 2016 from Mayfair Games. The game is bigger and better than ever!

Throughout 2016, Mayfair Games will be releasing three Agricola products: the base Agricola game for 1-4 players; the Agricola Family Edition and finally the Agricola 5-6 Player Extension. Let’s look at each briefly.

Kicking things off in May is the Agricola base game, the heart of the revamped Agricola line. This game for 1-4 players features an updated and streamlined design by creator Uwe Rosenberg. The components are wood and the game features an expanded card deck with a “greatest hits” collection of cards from the original game and its expansions, newly revised and updated for this edition.

The Agricola Family Edition is the gateway to this classic game, being released later in 2016. This game for 1-4 players allows younger and more casual players to experience Agricola’s classic gameplay in 90 minutes or less! The Family Edition allows players to use actions and tiles but features no cards, giving them a streamlined game experience for the whole family and introducing a new generation to one of the greatest games of all time.

And finally, in late 2016, the Agricola 5-6 Player Extension will arrive adding wood components for up to two additional players for your base game – increasing the maximum number of players to 6!  Featuring even more cards handpicked and revised by Uwe Rosenberg, it will create the biggest and best Agricola experience yet!

Plans are also being made to make the new and revised cards available separately to players of the classic edition of the game.

Things will be kicking off this year of fun with an Agricola release weekend, May 2022, 2016.  Stay tuned for more details.

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