Arks of Omen kicks off a new narrative for Warhammer 40K plus Boarding Actions!

During the Warhammer Day Preview celebrating 35 years of Warhammer 40,000, Games Workshop revealed the next narrative campaign for the game, Arks of Omen.

The story continues from Haarken Worldclaimer’s armada’s advance through the Nachmund Gauntlet and Abaddon’s next move. A new ally has arrived to help the warmaster build his new Balefleets, swarms of heretic warships.

Arks of Omen

The craft are built around the bodies of space hulks from the warp, heavily weaponized, and augmented with the ability to steer.

Arks of Omen is a multi-book series continuing the narrative and new miniatures.

The new series WON’T include extra rules for standard games. The first volume is a self-contained expansion with a whole new game mode… Boarding Action!

The book continues the focus by Games Workshop on battles within ships and hulks expanding upon Kill Team: Into the Dark. Each book in the series will introduce new developments for both the story and tabletop experience, adding new missions, expanded rules, and extra options for your Boarding Actions games.

The new game mode is bigger than skirmish battles and focuses on small squads. Think 500 point forces in room-to-room combat. So no vehicles, no monsters, no other large lumbering models.

There’ll be new terrain sets, that look like a repackaging of the latest Kill Team release, to go along with the new narrative book.

Also being released is a new Boarding Action inspired basing kit to do up your forces ready for room to room combat.

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