Asmodee Acquires Catan from Mayfair

mayfair-games-logoThis is a pretty interesting way to start off 2016 for the gaming industry. Mayfair Games (MGI) has announced that Asmodee has acquired the license for the English language publishing and sales of the popular board game Catan. From this, Catan Studio, Inc. has formed and becomes the newest creative unit in the Asmodee group. Mayfair Games will continue to do business as an independent company publishing both Mayfair and Lookout Games products.

Mayfair Games will assist Catan Studio, Inc. and Asmodee North America in the promotion of the Catan brand including but not limited to the continued coordination of the 2016 Catan tournament schedule, Catan Day 2016 and the 2016 Catan World Championship.

MGI continues to retain a controlling interest in Lookout GmbH and Mayfair GmbH, providing a wide range of games worldwide, and distribution to the European marketplace. These efforts will be expanded with a new focus on multi-language and international products.

MGI has also announced the acquisition of several Martin Wallace games as permanent additions to the Mayfair game library. Those titles include Steam, Aeroplanes, Automobile, Test of Fire and Clash of Wills.

Moving forward, all of MGI’s distributor and retailer terms will remain the same. MGI will also be continuing its exclusive agreement with Alliance for all sales in the USA to the hobby market and with Esdevium for the UK market. MGI will be reevaluating and making some adjustments to its distribution strategy in Canada.

Asmodee has been on a role lately. Fantasy Flight Games merged with the company after the company had already acquired Days of Wonder. The company has also shifted how it distributes games causing mixed reactions. This latest acquisition further consolidates the industry around a few major publishers.

Mayfair had also recently done a rebranding of Catan updating the design of the packaging and creating a more universal look.

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