Asmodee Announces 3rd Parties will No Longer Be Able to Sell on Amazon

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In today’s Gama Expo, Asmodee announced that third-party retailers will no longer be able to sell through Amazon starting June 1st. Asmodee said they are working directly with Amazon to sell through their platforms. Part of the reason for this is the violation of the publisher’s MAP policy.

When pressed if Amazon will be required to stick to the MSRP and MAP, Asmodee was cagey in their response only saying that the decision is private and part of the contract and repeating their MAP will be enforced.

What lines this impacts, or if it’s everything, is unclear. The publisher is a large umbrella of a company that includes Catan Studio, Fantasy Flight Games, Z-Man Games, Days of Wonder, Plaid Hat Games, Lookout Games, and so many more. We’ll have more information as it’s released.


  • Randymanmachosavage

    I don’t think Plaid Hat is under their umbrella any longer, just some of their previous titles.

    • I included them because Asmodee had them still on their site. It’s possible they just haven’t updated things.

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