Atlas Games Releases Breakdancing Meeples

Breakdancing Meeples

Atlas Games has released Breakdancing Meeples, a new board game from designer Ben Moy.

In Breakdancing Meeples, players roll and re-roll wooden dancer-shaped tokens (“meeples”) as fast as they can to complete dance routines and score points. The game plays in four one-minute rounds; a companion app handles the timing, scorekeeping, and counting down to hip hop beats.

To play Breakdancing Meeples, each player begins with six dancers and two dance routines. Each dance routine requires a different combination of dancers. For example, “House Party” requires two meeples that land on its sides, one that lands on its feet, and one that lands on its head. During the round, everyone rolls meeples as fast as they can, locking in useful rolls and re-rolling the rest, scoring points — crowd appeal — as they come together. After four one-minute dance rounds, the crew with the most crowd appeal wins the trophy.

Breakdancing Meeples is designed for two to four players, ages eight and up. The game comes in a metal tin and includes four sets of screen-printed meeple dancers, scoring cubes, and a deck of poker-sized dance routine cards.

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