Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game Out November 9th from Cryptozoic

attack-on-titan-deck-building-game-2Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced the November 9 release of the Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game. The 1-5 player card game is based on the hit anime series in which heroes try to protect the walls of the last remaining human city from the onslaught of giant carnivorous Titans. The game uses Cryptozoic’s popular Cerberus Engine with the addition of movement, as well as other unique gameplay features that place players inside the world of Attack on Titan. In addition, this is the first Cerberus deck-building title to offer cooperative play from the start, without requiring an expansion.

As with other Cerberus games, in the Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game there are always five areas of cards available for players to acquire at any one time. What is different is that each of these five areas represents a “District,” which is in turn protected by a Wall. Cards that the Heroes can buy are placed on the inside of the Walls, while Titans that appear are placed on the outside of the Walls.

Players become Heroes from the anime, including Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, each of whom has a unique special ability that helps the team. Along with a Hero Card, players have a Hero standee, since movement is a factor in the game, as utilized through cards with movement values. Players must move Heroes from District to District to buy needed cards, such as Ally, Equipment, Location, and Maneuver Cards. When they’re ready, Heroes can be moved over Walls to fight off Titans or protect Walls from being destroyed.

The Titans appear out of the main deck in the game, coming into play at semi-regular intervals. Archenemy Titans—like the fan-favorite Colossal Titan—usually require the whole team to combat since they have Hit Points. When players attempt a kill shot on an Archenemy Titan, it lashes out with a Titans on Attack Card, causing an unexpected event that might hamper a team’s ability to get the kill or make it a very costly victory. There are 10 different Archenemy Titans, making the four that appear during any play session very unpredictable. These Titans are broken up into levels, so the later they appear, the stronger they are. As a result, players need to focus on building a stronger deck—making their characters stronger—to have a chance to defeat them.

To win, players must defeat all four Archenemy Titans. They lose if the main deck runs out of cards, all five Walls fall down, or two Heroes die (three Heroes in a 2-3 player game).

The Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game will be available at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $39.99. The game gives fans a chance to relive the adventures of Season 1 in a complex deck-building experience before the premiere of Season 2 in 2017.



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