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New Hundred Kingdoms Expansions launch for Para Bellum’s Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames has revealed new units for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood. Coming soon is a new cavalry unit for the human faction of the Hundred Kingdoms.  Fast and defensive, the Mounted Squires are here to push the line for the Hundred Kingdoms warlords, giving that extra edge on the battlefield. To further enhance the classic medieval human faction, a full array of three tactical retinue miniatures is also released, allowing the full customization options for all Hundred Kingdoms characters! And for the cherry on top, the Neophyte is here to boost the infantry of the Militia and the Men-at-Arms!

The Mounted Squires and the Tactical retinue open the way for new strategies to the Hundred Kingdoms warlords, as well as customization options for each Character and even a boost to simpler units, like the Militia and the Men-at-Arms!

Trained for war since their early years, the Mounted Squires are here to earn their Knighthoods in the only way tradition demands: to wet their blades on the field of battle. The agile playstyle of this Light Cavalry regiment, as well as the Shield special rule, will allow these aspiring youths to press the line of battle and hold their ground, allowing for constant pressure on the field. Enhanced by their tactical retinues, clever commanders will be able to find new and inspired ways to control the field of battle, as well as its final outcome! Together with the subtle but significant boost the Neophyte Command Model provides to infantry, these new additions can shine on the fields of both the mass combats of “The Last Argument of Kings” and the skirmish battles of “First Blood!”

Coming in early February worldwide, the Neophyte, Mounted Squires and Tactical Retinue will excite Hundred Kingdom players.

New Blood Bowl and Necromunda are available from Forge World

Blood Bowl and Necromunda get some love today from Forge World as one new release for each are available to order.

Skaven get a new Rat Ogre, updating a new model from the previous edition which was generally not liked. Unleash the big guy’s strength adding a little punch to the nimble team.

The Rat Ogre is available to order for $33.

Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre

Slopper and Scabber are available for Necromunda. You can support any gang with these hangers-on. Feed them some food with Slopper or get some illicit supplies with Scabber.

The duo is available for $35.

Necromunda Slopper and Scabber

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game’s Elemental HERO Gets New Accessories

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

The official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Elemental HERO Game Mat features the artwork of an abundance of “Elemental HERO” monsters together in one place! Jaden Yuki’s beloved “Elemental HERO” monsters assemble to keep your cards safe as you battle your opponent on this Game Mat’s smooth surface!

Made with the highest quality materials, this Game Mat is the same size as the Game Mats used as prizing in various KONAMI-sanctioned events. Use this Game Mat to keep your cards safe while you Duel your way to the top!

Elemental HERO fans unite! Protect your Deck with The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Elemental HERO Card Case that features artwork from the “Elemental HERO” Spell Cards Skyscraper and Skydive Scorcher.

This official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Card Case is large enough to hold a Duelist’s Main Deck, Extra Deck and Side Deck. Each Card Case is made from durable material, includes a card divider, and comes with a sturdy closure to ensure your cards will stay protected inside. Keep your Deck safe and get ready to Duel!

Official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Card Sleeves help Duelists keep their cards secure and protected during Duels.

The Elemental HERO Card Sleeves feature the artwork from one of the most recognizable “HERO” cards, Miracle Fusion! These Card Sleeves are perfect for keeping your cards safe when you are ready to get your game on and throw down a face-down!

Each pack contains 50 Card Sleeves specifically designed to meet tournament regulation standards for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Keep your collection safe with the all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Elemental HERO 9-Pocket Duelist Portfolio featuring artwork from Jaden Yuki’s iconic “Elemental HERO” theme. Get your game on with nostalgic artwork that debuted in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era and protect your cards in style!

Designed with a secure side-loading design, this 10-page Portfolio has 9 pockets per page – by placing cards front-to-back, you can store up to 180 of your most cared for cards. The 9-Pocket Duelist Portfolio also utilizes an anti-slip feature to keep cards secure and your collection safe at all times.

Who’s the Hidden Planeswalker? Find out in April 2022

BOOM! Studios has announced Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker, a brand new four-issue comic book series from comic book and screenwriter Mairghread Scott, artist Fabiana Mascolo, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, about the deadly Liliana Vess and the hidden planeswalker she discovers who will change the fate of the entire multiverse forever, available in April 2022.

While our heroes may have defeated one of the many dangers throughout the multiverse, the powerful Necromancer Liliana Vess is left to return to her new home as a professor at the greatest college of magic in the multiverse. But she doesn’t return alone. Sensing the presence of a distant planeswalker calling for help… one with the power to save or destroy entire planes, puts her on a collision course with the diabolical machinations of Tezzeret, the Master of Metal…

Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker #1 features main cover art by acclaimed artist Karen S. Darboe as well as a set of connecting variant cover art by award-winning illustrator Miguel Mercado, and variant covers by star artists Awanqi, Yanick Paquette, and Junggeun Yoon.

Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker #4 (of 5) Preview

Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker #4 (of 5)

(W) Jim Zub (A) Eduardo Mello (CA) Max Dunbar
In Shops: Jan 19, 2022
SRP: $3.99

The prelude to Baldur’s Gate III and newest adventure in Jim Zub’s acclaimed D&D saga continues! Catch up with the missing Baldur’s Gate heroes as an already chilly reunion takes a gruesome turn! With disaster looming, does our merry band have what it takes to save the city and themselves?

Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker #4 (of 5)

Sand and Dust for the Dune Adventures in the Imperium RPG has Arrived

Dune Adventures in the Imperium RPG Sand and Dust

Modiphius has announced that Sand and Dust, the new Arrakis sourcebook for the Dune Adventures in the Imperium RPG has started shipping, with a simultaneous release of the PDF.

Sand and Dust is available on in standard printCollector’s, and PDF editions and on DriveThruRPG in PDF only. Both print and Collector’s editions will be shipping from the US store in mid-February, but are available to pre-order and the PDF is also available now. Here are the details on this fantastic new sourcebook which transports you to Arrakis, the home of the Fremen.


In the backwaters of the vast Imperium of humanity lies the hostile desert world of Arrakis. It is a deadly place, where no drop of rain falls and the people live a sparse existence in the baking cities of the northern pole. But Arrakis is the most important planet in the entire universe, for it is only here that you can find the spice melange.The spice is everything. To some, it is a way to extend life, to others a way to see into the future. It is the key to wealth and power in the Imperium, and many of the noble Houses will stop at nothing to control it in any way they can. The cities of Arrakeen and Carthag are full of agents and spies, all looking to gain advantage for their faction, and ready to kill to maintain the power of their masters. Will Arrakis be the place your characters prove the power of their House, or will their blood be spilled on the unforgiving sands?This sourcebook for the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game, takes you to the desert world of Arrakis and explores the secrets of the spice. Visit the hidden sietches of the Fremen to learn the mysteries of their culture. Walk without rhythm in the great deserts and perhaps see one of the incredible sandworms. Trade secrets with spies and agents in the bustling marketplace of Arrakeen or the alleys of Carthag. Arrakis is a planet of mysteries and danger, and those who underestimate it never leave.

Dune Adventures in the Imperium RPG Sand and Dust

Sand and Dust: The Arrakis Sourcebook contains: 

  • A 156 page US letter size high quality sewn hardback packed with full colour art. 
  • An overview of the planet Arrakis, known as Dune, its history and features.
  • Detail on the mysterious desert Fremen, and their many secrets.
  • A host of new options for Fremen player characters, including new archetypes, talents and rules for riding the great sandworms.
  • An in-depth look at spice harvesting and those who try to smuggle and stockpile it secretly.
  • The secrets of spice revealed, including new spice related talents and abilities.
  • A gazetteer of the cities of Carthag and Arrakeen, including their layout, noteworthy landmarks, and what life is like for the people of each city.
  • Expanded notes on creating your own campaigns on Arrakis, including a host of new NPCs, scenario hooks and story seeds.
  • New campaign options as smugglers, Fremen or merchants instead of agents of a noble House.
  • A complete adventure ‘The water must flow’ that involves the player characters in a deadly plot during a water shortage on Arrakis.

Urban Operations Announced for Twilight: 2000 RPG

Twilight: 2000 - Urban Operations

Free League has announced Urban Operations, the first expansion for the recently released new edition of RPG classic Twilight: 2000

Twilight: 2000 – Urban Operations is a modular expansion focused on cities. The expansion is loosely based on the classic module Free City of Krakow for the first edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG, but designed to be used in any city environment. Krakow is described in it as one example town, another being Karlsborg in Sweden.

The expansion will include guidelines for playing in cities, new factions, new scenario sites, and introducing several plots to create longer story arcs. It will be a boxed set with a scenario book, city maps, scenario site maps, modular battle maps for urban environments, and new encounter cards for urban environments.

A pre-order will be launched in the Free League webshop in Q1. Pre-orders will give instant access to the full PDF of the expansion, ahead of the physical release in Q3 2022.

40K Chapter Approved, Kommando Orks and Krieg Kill Team, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl! It’s a packed upcoming week

It’s a packed week for 40K players as Games Workshop has revealed next week’s pre-orders that might be for a few games but 40K fans will all appreciate.

The Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2022 are here kicking off a new season of competitive and matched play.

Chapter Approved comes with 18 missions, nine each for Incursion and Strike Force sized games. There are also updated secondary objectives as well. Within the Munitorum Field Manual 2022, you’ll find up-to-date points!

Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2022

Kill Team is getting some new releases, with the individual items from Octarious getting releases and being repackaged.

The Kill Team: Starter Set is an easy way to get into the game featuring two teams, rules, scenery, all you need to play. The box set features the Veteran Guardsmen of the Death Korps of Krieg taking on Ork Kommandos. The box art looks like what was teased way back at Gen Con 2021. The box set also features a gameplay mat, scatter terrain, a streamlined 96-page Core Rules book, and a 56-page Recruit Edition book with background info and tutorial missions.

Kill Team: Starter Set

The individual teams are getting a release too!

The Kill Team: Veteran Guardsmen will allow you to build up your Guardsmen Kill Team or use them to build up that Death Korps of Krieg Warhammer 40,000 force! The box contains 10 troopers to add to the grind.

Kill Team: Veteran Guardsmen

Orks get some love with the Kill Team: Kommandos. Featuring 10 Kommandos it also has a trusty Kommando Grot and volatile Bomb Squig! Use them for Kill Team or add them to your Waargh in games of 40K.

Kill Team: Kommandos

You can also get the Kill Team: Octarius Book. It features the Kill Team rules for the Ork Kommandos and Veteran Guardsman including equipment, tactical ploys, and battlefield roles. There are also nine Shadow Operations missions that allow you to play out a campaign.

Kill Team: Octarius Book

You can also build out your battlefield with Kill Team: Kill Zone Octarius. This scenery set will now be available on its own allowing you to build an Ork shanty town! It’s great for Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000 and features a double-sided battlefield board.

Kill Team: Kill Zone Octarius

Necromunda gets new releases making games more deadly!

Add Hive Scum to your game with these four expendable gangers. They can be a gang on their own or join other House Gangs.

Hive Scum

House Delaque gets some options with the Delaque Weapons and Upgrades set. The set features heavy flamers, plasma guns, and meltaguns, as well as new heads!

Delaque Weapons and Upgrades

The Underdog Card pack allows you to pull out shenanigans to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The pack also contains 12 universal Gang Tactics that all can use.

Underdog Card pack

There’s some entrepreneurs in the underhive like Slopper and Scabber. While they can help in a skirmish, it’s all about the cooking and trading with them.

Slopper and Scabber

Blood Bowl gets a release with a brand new Rat Ogre! These brutes bring some much needed strength to the Skaven roster and update a rather unliked previous release.

Rat Ogre

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium rolls out to more locations! The magazine series allows individuals to slowly build two forces and learn to play Warhammer 40,000. The first issue features a Primaris Lieutenant with storm shield and volkite pistol and a Necron Royal Warden with a relic gauss blaster.

The fifth issue features an exclusive Space Marine Primaris Captain! You can roll the dice and pick issues up at your local store or get a subscription and never miss an issue.

Black Library has some new releases coming!

Krieg allows you to dive further into the Death Korps of Krieg. Written by Steve Lyon, how far will they go to secure victory?


Adrian Tchaikovsky brings us Day of Ascension. The Forge World of Morod prepares for the alien “angels” who will bring mercy to the masses.

Day of Ascension

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is by Danie Ware and focuses on the Sisters of Battle. This limited edition hardback is limited to 2,000 copies. This limited edition version features red faux-leather cover overlaid with a gold, black, and white foil design, full-art tip-in, gold-glit page edges, a black ribbon bookmark, and an author introduction and signature.

Triumph of Saint Katherine

The Book of Martyrs features three stories focused on a different Sister in the Era Indomitus. Alec Worley, Phil Kelly, and Danie Ware bring tales of Sister Ishani who must deal with an inhuman hunter, Sister Anarchia resisting her T’au captors, and Sister Superior Laurelyn defending against a foe spilling out of the Great Rift.

The Book of Martyrs

Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus collects stories by Andy Hoare, Robbie MacNiven, Phil Kelly, Josh Reynolds, Anthony Reynolds, and Graeme Lyon.

Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus

Return to the Sabbat Worlds with the Iron Snakes in Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint by Matthew Farrer which will be available in audiobook.

Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint

Das Helwinter-Tor is the German translation of Chris Wraight‘s The Helwinter Gate. A Járnhamar Pack is n the run from their fellow Space Wolves as they race to uncover the truth behind an ancient betrayal.

Das Helwinter-Tor

Take to the Sky with Necrons for Aeronautica Imperialis

Forge World has two new releases for Aeronautica Imperialis up for order. You can start a Necron force for the game and bring their dominance to the table.

With the Aeronautica Imperialis: Necrons Night Shroud Squadron you get two Necron Shroud bombers. They’re equipped with twin tesla destructor and death spheres.

The plastic and resin kit features 20 pieces that allow you to build two. Rules for them are included. They retail for $47.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Necrons Night Shroud Squadron

The Aeronautica Imperialis: Necrons Doom Scythe Squadron are armed with twin tesla destructor or heavy death rays. They can also be built as Necron Night Scythes!

The kit features 16 pieces of plastic and resin allowing you to build two Necron Doom Scythes. Rules for fielding the Doom Scythe in games of Aeronautica Imperialis are included. Rules for fielding Night Scythes in games of Aeronautica Imperialis can be found in the Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion book. They retail for $47.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Necrons Doom Scythe Squadron

Warlord Games has New Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Konflikt ’47 for Pre-Order

Warlord Games has revealed a string of upcoming releases for Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Konflikt ’47. Check out below what you can bring to the tabletop soon as well as links to order.

M11/39 Medium Tank

A medium tank with a pair of turret-mounted machine guns, the M11/39 was the first modern gun armed Italian tank, seeing service in East & North African campaigns. Famously, a few M11/39s fell into Australian hands and were painted with large white kangaroo emblems to avoid friendly fire.

Purchase: Warlord Games

M11/39 Medium Tank

L6 Lanciaflamme Flame Tank

The L6 Lanciaflamme replaced the 20mm main gun in the FIAT L6/40’s turret with a standard 30-shot flamethrower.

Purchase: Warlord Games

L6 Lanciaflamme Flame Tank

Autoblinda AB40 Armoured Car

The predecessor to the later, and more numerous, AB41 armored car, the AB40 saw service in the invasion of southern France and in Libya.

Purchase: Warlord Games

Autoblinda AB40 Armoured Car

P-38 Lightning Squadron

The P-38 Lightning’s comparatively long-range proved invaluable in the Pacific Theatre and for escort duties in deep penetration raids over occupied Europe, enjoying considerable success as a ground attack strike fighter.

Purchase: Warlord Games

P-38 Lightning Squadron

US Ace Pilot Richard Bong

Richard Ira Bong was the United States’ top scoring and most highly decorated Ace of the Second World War.

Purchase: Warlord Games

US Ace Pilot Richard Bong

P-39 Airacobra Squadron

The United States Bell P-39 Airacobra was also used throughout the war by (most prominently) the Soviet Air Force, the Free French, the RAF and the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force.

Purchase: Warlord Games

P-39 Airacobra Squadron

US Ace Pilot William F. Fiedler, Jr

William F Fiedler has the distinction of being the only American flyer to achieve Ace status exclusively while flying the P39 Airacobra.

Purchase: Warlord Games

US Ace Pilot William F. Fiedler, Jr

Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu ‘Nick’ Squadron

The Ki45 Toryu (Dragonslayer), was a twin-engine heavy fighter patterned after the German Messerschmitt Me110 and its contemporaries, enjoying success as a bomber hunter.

Purchase: Warlord Games

Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu 'Nick' Squadron

Japanese Ace Pilot: Isamu Kashiide

Kashiide won fame as one of the few pilots able to shoot down the massive American B-29 Superfortress, specialising in head-on attacks using the heavy cannon of the Ki-45 Toryu (Dragonslayer).

Purchase: Warlord Games

Japanese Ace Pilot: Isamu Kashiide

USMC M3A5 Pondskater Scout Walker

The agile and robust Pondskater is the perfect vehicle for the complex terrain of the Pacific Theatre, and is thus utilised by the USMC as a weapons platform.

Purchase: Warlord Games

USMC M3A5 Pondskater Scout Walker

Chi-Nu with Compression Cannon

The combination of a reliable and mobile tank with the deadly ability of the compression cannon to literally rip apart medium vehicles should prove a major concern for Allied commanders on 1947 battlefields.

Purchase: Warlord Games

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