Available from Forge World, Gundabad War Bats for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

Today’s Forge World release is the Gunbad War Bats for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. The set features two resin miniatures, each with a 40mm round base. You can find the rules for the War Bats in the Armies of the Hobbit book.

Dwelling in the northern fortress of Gundabad, these bats have been bred solely for war. Flying ahead of Bolg’s army, the War Bats are the first of Bolg’s reinforcements to reach the Battle of the Five Armies. Razor-sharp talons pluck warriors from the field of battle, piercing armour and tearing flesh as they fling their prey to the ground.

You can pre-order the Gunbad War Bats now for $47. They will ship on December 4.

Gunbad War Bats

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