Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum is live!

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum is now available from Knight Games. The game publisher is running a campaign on Gamefound having blown past its goal on its first day. The game’s campaign is running for 14 days. It’s a semi-cooperative dungeon crawler for 1 to 5 players. You can play with your friends or solo to defeat Batman and escape from Arkham Asylum!

In Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum, it will depend on the player’s ingenuity and how you will interact with the other Super-Villains, to prove that you are capable of escaping from the dreaded Arkham Asylum. Maybe it will be convenient for you to ally yourself with someone, or maybe at a certain moment you will have to betray him… no one knows what lies behind the next door.

All Batman: Escaper from Arkham Asylum miniatures are compatible with Batman Miniature Game. The playable characters included in the core box are: Two-Face, the Penguin, Scarecrow, Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the Joker. But more characters from the Batman universe will be unlocked during the campaign.

If you back it in the first 24 hours, you can get the “Character Skins Set” for free.

Rewards include:

  • Henchman Pledge – The core base game for Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum and unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Super-Villain Pledge – This reward contains the Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum core box and the Batman: Riot in Blackgate expansion and unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Mastermind Pledge – This reward contains all the Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum products available including the main game, two expansions, dice, dice towers, and sleeves pack, and the unlocked Stretch goals
  • Retailer Pledge – For retailers only. Contains 5 core games.

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