Battle Wizards Wants you to Rot in Hell on Kickstarter

Battle Wizards has launched a Kickstarter for their card game, Rot in Hell. The game allows you to creatively torture evil folks, all in good fun!

A new take on social games, each round the players are presented with a “Sinner,” then choose a “Box O Pain” card to use when a “Punishment” is presented. The judge, aka “Satan’ will then decide which punishment is the most diabolic.

The game comes with:

  • 100 Punishment Cards
  • 50 Sinners Cards
  • 300 Box O’ Pain Cards
  • 6 Infernal Torture Machines

$25 gets you a copy of the game which is estimated to ship in June 2021. The campaign is looking to raise $30,000 which will run until December 18.

Rot in Hell
Rot in Hell
Rot in Hell

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