Big G Creative Announces Two Games, Hangry and No Filter

Big G Creative is launching two new games that foster game night traditions everyone can enjoy, Hangry and No Filter. Hangry is a high-energy, food-themed, card-matching game, while NO FILTER is the get-to-know-you game designed to break the ice and spark conversation.

Both Hangry and No Filter are available exclusively at Walgreens and are two of seven titles from Big G Creative that will be part of the retailer’s first ever games endcap.

Hangry is a fast-paced, food-flipping game that features delicious cuisine! Flip your food card, look for a match, and slap the cards before other hangry players try to poach your favorite food. Collect the most cards and be the first player to fill your table setting to win the game.

Have fun discovering something new about friends and family with No Filter, the ice-breaking card game that is fun for teens and adults. Roll the dice to see who answers one of 200 colorful and compelling questions.

Hangry is for ages 6+, for 3-6 players with an estimated 15 minutes playing time, and retails for $17.99 and will be available in mid-November. No Filter is for ages 12+, for 3 or more players with an estimated playing time of 20 minutes, and retails for $12.99 and is available now.

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