Celebrate 10 Years with Adventure Time Card Wars

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Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Adventure Time Card Wars 10th Anniversary. Fans can pledge now on Kickstarter.

Based on the “Card Wars” episodes of Cartoon Network’s Emmy and Peabody Award-winning animated series, Adventure Time, the Adventure Time Card Wars tabletop games from Cryptozoic have been hugely popular with fans in the last decade, spawning over 10 product releases. The campaign brings together all six original packs into the new Adventure Time Card Wars: Ultimate Collection featuring nearly 500 game cards, with new game content to be unlocked during the campaign. In addition, fans can preorder the Deluxe Edition of the Doubles Tournament gamethe Collector’s Storage Box, a playmat, card sleeves, and much more. 

Adventure Time Card Wars features easy-to-learn rules as two players go head to head, spending Actions to defeat their opponent and become the “Cool Guy.” Using a deck of 40 cards, each player plays Creatures onto their Landscape tiles to attack their opponent, Buildings to enhance their Landscapes, and Spells to gain an advantage. The first player who reduces their opponent’s Hit Points to 0 wins.

The Adventure Time Card Wars: Ultimate Collection at the heart of the Kickstarter brings together the six original Collector’s Packs: Finn vs. JakeBMO vs. Lady RainicornPrincess Bubblegum vs. Lumpy Space PrincessIce King vs. MarcelineLemongrab vs. Gunter, and Fionna vs. Cake. Stretch goals throughout the campaign will reveal upgrades and additional content, including new cards.

Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament (Deluxe Edition) adds teamwork to the core gameplay, as two players become Jake and Charlie as they battle two players who play as Grand Prix and Moniker. This Deluxe Edition includes additional Heroes and special packaging.

The Adventure Time Card Wars: Collector’s Storage Box can store every card ever released for the series, with room to grow in the future. It features an original piece of art by Robb Mommaerts on the cover.

The Adventure Time Card Wars 10th Anniversary Kickstarter starts today and runs until December 15, with pledge tiers starting at $65. Stretch goals, if unlocked, will add numerous additional cards and upgrades. Preorder items are expected to be delivered to backers in September 2024. 

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game returns in 2024

The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game

Mantic teased it earlier this week but The Walking Dead is returning to the tabletop in 2024 with more The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Skybound and Mantic are relaunching the game with new waves of releases and continuing the storyline. The game left off with releases focused on the Whisperers and the Kingdom, so now it’s on to… the Commonwealth!

Mantic said it’s currently “looking at the best way to launch this wave, alongside bringing back the game itself.”

The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game

From the announcement, the Commonwealth wave will likely have a heroes pack from the story arc of comics and then a pack of Commonwealth troopers.

But, it’s not just that. There are further waves planned as well now that the license is renewed.

But, it’s not just new releases. Mantic is exploring how to get new players into the game and allow those who missed early waves to get those too.

Pre-orders are expected to go live in early 2024.

Launched in 2016, the game saw numerous releases with “waves” of miniatures that took players through The Walking Dead comic’s story and allowed players to pick and choose who, when, and where they wanted to play. Mantic announced in January 2022 that the game was ending as their license for it had ended at the time.

Dungeons & Dragons comes to US stamps in 2024 to celebrate 50 years

The U.S. Postal Service announced four new stamp “subjects” for 2024 with more reveals to come. To celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, 10 stamp designs will be released highlighting characters, creatures, and encounters from the “world’s greatest role-playing game.”

Greg Breeding, an art director for USPS, designed the stamps and pane (which features 20 stamps) with existing illustrations. The original artists weren’t credited in the announcement.

Dungeons & Dragons stamps

Sandstorm partners with Cation Arts for Primal Showdown

Primal Showdown

Sandstorm Comics and Cation Arts have announced their first partnership release with Primal Showdown, an all-new dueling card game, which will launch exclusively through the Kickstarter platform in 2024.

The game, which is being co-developed by Sandstorm and Mohamed Alqadi, whose previous credits include the massively successful All-Time Wrestling, which has now seen multiple record-smashing expansions, and One Earth; a game widely praised for its mission-centric approach to the fight against climate change, putting players directly into the environmental impacts of their decisions within the game to raise awareness around a global issue. Before that, Alqadi had developed Conqueror: The Final Conquest, which pitted players against each other as some of history’s great empires in a battle for global dominance. 

Each campaign was tremendously successful with the international gaming community, helping to put Abu Dhabi on the global stage for tabletop gaming and geek culture. Their unprecedented success today leads to the collaboration with the region’s exciting new comics art studio Sandstorm, led by Mo Abedin, and tapping resident artist Saroush Barazesh to take the gaming experience to the next level.

Cation Arts’ newest game Primal Showdown is inspired by some of the all-time greatest fighting games, as well as the most beloved parts of the All-Time Wrestling gameplay for an action-packed experience filled with drafting, rock-paper-scissors, bluffing, dice rolling, and push-your-luck elements, all in a battle of wits and strategy that can be played in under 5 minutes. The immersive world of Primal Showdown features over 25 unique characters, each impeccably designed by Saroush Bazaresh, and is guaranteed to delight gamers of all levels of experience with its quick action and easy-to-follow rules of play.

The game will debut at the inaugural Storm the Block event taking place on December 8-10 in Abu Dhabi, and attendees can register now for a tournament on the final day of the event at 3PM on Sunday December 10. Sign up here to reserve your spot!

Restoration Games announces The Witcher is coming to Unmatched

Unmatched The Witcher

Restoration Games has announced two upcoming sets for the Unmatched game line, featuring heroes from the exciting world of The Witcher video game series. The two sets are titled “Steel and Silver” and “Realms Fall”. Each set will include three playable hero decks and two unique battlefields. In addition to the White Wolf himself, fans of The Witcher will be thrilled to: lead Ciri to her destiny as the Lady of Space and Time, quaff a Tawny Owl potion, and race across the battlements of Kaer Morhen to stalk your foe.

Unmatched is a tabletop game featuring miniatures and cards where two to four players compete in a skirmish-style battle. Each character features a unique deck and players move the figures around a board to fight it out. Sets are compatible allowing such different characters as Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee, Spider-Man, and more to battle it out. 18 sets have been released so far for the game.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, Middle-Earth, and more!

It’s a hodge podge upcoming pre-order week for Games Workshop with releases for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, and Black Library. Check out everything you’ll be able to soon get.

The Flesh-eater Courts Army Set is the first place to get some of the new models coming for the Flesh-eater Court. It’s packed with what you need to muster a glittering new host of noble knights and redoubtable peasants.

The set contains 25 completely new plastic miniatures: one mighty Abhorrant Gorewarden as general, his trusty Varghulf Courtier, 3 lightning-fast Morbheg Knights, and 20 obdurate Cryptguard.

There’s also an exclusive launch edition of the new 88-page Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts, 27 warscroll cards, 30 tokens, and 33 enhancement cards, all of which are only available in this set (though the battletome will be released separately in a different format).

Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

For those who want something more futuristic and with speed comes the MKVI Assault Squad for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. This is a box of 10 plastic Assault Marines for deployment in your Horus Heresy games. You get enough components to arm your squad with chainswords and either bolt pistols or combat shields, plus a range of accessories, and a Sergeant with extra weapons options and two heads. The kit is entirely compatible with all MKVI upgrade sets, including Legion-specific accessories.

MKVI Assault Squad

Games Workshop is making it a bit easier to get the iconography right on your miniatures with the Legiones Astartes Transfer Sheet. It features general squad markings, honour signs, numerals and lettering suited for all 18 Legions. The Infantry sheet contains 1,280 decals in total, while the Vehicle sheet includes 510. Note that there’s no Legion-specific heraldry included on either set of transfers.

Legiones Astartes Transfer Sheet

Head to Middle-earth and the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game with two releases.

King of the Dead and Heralds get a Clear Plastic version. It’s a translucent blue plastic featuring the King of the Dead and two Heralds brandishing Banners of the Dead. This is a recast of the current models, taking on a more ghostly form as they bring ruin to the forces of Mordor.

King of the Dead and Heralds

The king gets his army with the Warriors of the Dead also in Clear Plastic. This set contains 20 Warriors of the Dead cast in the same clear blue plastic. These are also existing miniatures which have been recast for a ghostly effect.

Warriors of the Dead

Both of these clear plastic kits will be available while stocks last.

White Dwarf 495 features information on all the new Tyranids and the Fourth Tyrannic War. You’ll also find new special mission rules for Boarding Actions in the current edition of Warhammer 40,000, Warcry rules for taking your Free City fighters on a Dawnbringer Crusade, Kill Team rules for jungle warfare – complete with jungle cards – and much, much more.

White Dwarf 495

The surprise second holiday release is here with Da Grotmas Gitz. This model will be available for a strictly limited period in December, so snap yours up quick!

Da Grotmas Gitz

Spruce up your bases with Brimstein Firegrass, vermillion grass tufts, which are perfect for scorched battlefield. In all, you get 155 tufts in four different sizes.

Brimstein Firegrass

Black Library has multiple releases to keep you entertained during the holiday season.

Vaults of Terra Collection gets a special edition. Chris Wraight’s thrilling trilogy about corruption at the very heart of Humanity’s home world is limited to just 1,500 copies signed by the author. All three volumes are collected in a fancy slipcase with leather-effect covers, ribbon bookmarks, and an extra short story in each.

Vaults of Terra Collection

Two more classic titles come to MP3 audiobook for the first time. In Steven B Fischer’s Witchbringer, former Cadian Captain Glavia Aerand’s newfound psychic talents press her into more hazardous service, while Commissar Gaunt and the Tanith First and Only are back in action in Blood Pact by Dan Abnett. Additionally, the Damocles collection of short stories has been re-recorded.

Witchbringer, Blood Pact, and Damocles

Black Library Advent eShorts 2023 return this December with one short story every two days in the run-up to Christmas. There are 12 stories in total, from luminaries such as Adrian Tchaikovsky, Nate Crowley, and Mike Brooks, telling tales from all the worlds of Warhammer. You can buy these eShorts separately, or purchase a subscription to get all 12 for the price of 10.

Black Library Advent eShorts 2023

Corvus Belli in December features new Infinity

Dire Foes Mission Pack 13: Blindspot (Ref. 280050-1030)

Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram / ALEPH / Steel Phalanx

The Galactic Hitchhikers like to travel all around the Human Sphere for free, even if that means they sometimes stow away on a ship or two. If they get caught they can get into trouble, but the real trouble starts when they see something they shouldn’t have seen, which is what happened to Nakia Usman, now pursued by some of the Sphere’s best agents. A situation in which it is not easy to follow the hitchhikers’ motto and not panic.

This box includes three miniatures: the Hassassin Husam Yasbir, an almost legendary character in the Hassassin Society, Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes of the Steel Phalanx, and a Galactic Hitchhiker that can be used as an HVT. A fantastic addition to those armies started with Operation: Blackwind.

Fiddler, Aristeia!`s ex-toymaker (Ref. 280770-1037)

Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram/ Qapu Khalqi/ Ramah Taskforce/ Nomads/Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin/ Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska/ DruzeBayram Security/ StarCo/ Dahshat Company

‘Nonconformist’.That’s Fiddler. She didn’t feel at ease in her life and in her own body, but she would not resign herself to this fate; she had to do something about it. From man to woman. From Aristeia!’s ex-toymaker to fallen idol, and from there to mercenary. Fiddler won’t settle for whatever destiny has in store for her. She will reinvent herself and rise again, as she has done before.

This mini-box includes three miniatures: 1 Fiddler, and 2 thermoplastic Jackbots. Harass the enemy and get your disabled equipment back into action thanks to this highly mobile mercenary engineer.

Zúyong Invincibles (Ref. 281339-1048)

Armies: Yu Jing / Invincible Army / Dahshat Company

Spread throughout Yu Jing territory, they have become the core of the StateEmpire Army as the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere. Forged as anonymous heroes, each one of them represents every Yu Jing citizen. And, when the fateful time comes, they will be standing firm, unflinching like the terracotta armies of the emperor’s tomb, but utterly prepared to carry the StateEmpire to glory with endless courage and an iron will.

This box includes four miniatures: 1 Zúyong Invincible with HMG, Tai Sheng, ZúyŏngInvincible NCO with Combi Breaker Rifle, Krit Kokram, Zúyŏng Invincible Specialist with Heavy Pistol, and 1 TinBot. The pack that will provide greater versatility and power to the Fireteams of your Invincible Army (REF.281304-0753)

Reinforcements: Combined Army Pack Alpha (Ref. 281630-1051)

Armies: Combined Army / Onyx Contact Force / Morat Aggresion Forces / Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces

The Exrah are a fiercely predatory species that the EI deemed unworthy of joining the Ur Hegemony. However, as the offensives in the open conflicts against Humanity and the Tohaa escalated, the Combined Army requested the services of the Exrah Comissariat to support its forces in certain operations.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Base Operator with Combi Rifle and Light Shotgun; 1 Base Operator Engineer; 1 Void Operator with Boarding Shotgun; 1 Void Operator with Red Fury; 1 Vector Operator with Spitfire; and 1 EXO, Executive Officer, with Plasma Carbine. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Combined Army forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: Combined Army Pack Beta (Ref. 281631-1054)

Armies: Combined Army / Onyx Contact Force / Morat Aggresion Forces / Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces

The Exrah Commissariat provides rapid support teams that it can deploy out of any of the countless ships it has scattered throughout most of the known systems. However, due the reputation of this predatory species, they’re commonly watched by some of the Combined Army’s most dependable troops.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Umbra Legate with DA CCW, 1 Nexus Operative Hacker, and Ko Dali with MULTI Rifle. The ideal complement for your Combined Army reinforcement units.

Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Alpha (Ref. 281530-1055)

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor / Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin / Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska

Created to pursue those who stole secrets from the Black Labs, the skill and reputation of the Vipera Pursuit Force is so impressive that the NMF has requested their services as support to the main force. Hence, there are always a few Vipera teams ready to respond to any emergency situation at the request of the High Command. And their actions will always be true to their name: swift and deadly.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Marspider with Heavy Flamethrower and Panzerfaust, 1 Marspider with Heavy Flamethrower and Grenades, 1 Prowler with Spitfire, 1 Kulak with Heavy Rocket Launcher andPulzar, 1 Kulak Hacker, and 1 Rounder with Red Fury. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Nomads forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Beta (Ref. 281531-1056)

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor / Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin / Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska

The Vipera Pursuit Forces are operational groups scattered throughout sensitive areas as designated by the Nomads HighCommand, so they have become the most available strategic elements of the NMF.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Spektr with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Raoul Spector, the famous mercenary, and 1 Jelena Kovač, Detective Inspector of the Securitate. The ideal complement for your Nomads reinforcement forces.

Preview: Pathfinder: Wake the Dead #4

Pathfinder: Wake the Dead #4

writer: Fred Van Lente
artist: Eman Casallos
covers: Steve Ellis (A), Biagio d’Alessandro (B), Eman Casallos (C)
FC | All Cardstock Covers | 32 pages | Fantasy | $4.99 | Teen+

In this issue: A startling revelation threatens the fragile harmony of our increasingly fractious group, as the true purpose of their quest comes painfully into focus! Written by FRED VAN LENTE, illustrated by EMAN CASALLOS, and featuring stellar cover art by EMAN CASALLOS, STEVE ELLIS and BIAGIO D’ALESSANDRO, Pathfinder: Wake the Dead #4 also includes playable character stats officially sanctioned by the Pathfinder Society!

Pathfinder: Wake the Dead #4

Dreams & Machines Core RPG is Now Available in the UK and Through the Modiphius Web Store

Dreams & Machines Player's Guide

Modiphius Entertainment has announced that the Dreams & Machines Player’s GuideGamemaster’s Guide, and GM’s Toolkit are now available for purchase on the Modiphius webstore and at select retailers in the UK!

Dreams & Machines tells the story of Evera Prime through the unique 2d20 game system that allows for moments of social delight and intense encounters. The Player’s Guide will provide detailed rules and explanations for navigating the intriguing yet dangerous world of Evera Prime created by Modiphius. Gamemasters can also delve into the Gamemaster’s Guide and Toolkit to find inspiration for a majestic set-piece, a horrifying robotic boss fight, or maybe a combination of both.

Dreams and Machines is set on Evera Prime, a far-flung planet cut off from Earth, left in ruins after a war with destructive mechs now known as Wakers. The Wakers lay dormant while humanity scavenges the remnants of incredibly advanced technology to forge a new life. Factions like the Archivists, Dreamers, and Spears have formed, each rebuilding the world in their own way, growing and trading what they can with different Everan communities. But in the shadows, a malevolent corrupted AI known only as the Builder plots against humanity…

The Dreams & Machines Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, and GM’s Toolkit can now be ordered on Modiphius’ web store and in retailers in the UK. North American retailers will have stock available in mid-December.

Hasbro and Monopoly Offer FREE PARKING for Black Friday in a Partnership with SpotHero


In celebration of Hasbro’s brand-new Monopoly campaign – All is Fair in Monopoly – the company is getting into the holiday spirit by partnering with SpotHero to offer over 1,000 FREE PARKING spots for Black Friday shoppers in five metropolitan US cities on Friday, November 24.

In addition to the city specific, MONOPOLY FREE PARKING coupons, Monopoly and SpotHero will be offering a 10% off coupon to new and existing SpotHero users that can be used nationwide. The information for this coupon code can be found below:

City not on the board? Collect your discount.

Don’t let parking break the bank! Hasbro has a limited number of promo codes available for 10% off your next SpotHero reservation, with SpotHero promo code: MONOPOLY10

How it works:

  • Valid for new and existing SpotHero users
  • Valid at 9,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada
  • Excludes monthly reservations and SpotHero for Business reservations
  • 10% off parking up to $5
  • Valid from 11/13/23 – 12/24/23 or while supplies last
  • Get started at spothero.com or on the SpotHero app


  • New York City (50 W. 44th St.) – 100 parking spots available
  • Los Angeles (100 N la Cienega Blvd.) – 400 parking spots available
  • Chicago (50 E. Ohio St, 10 E Grand St.) – 100 parking spots available
  • Philadelphia (1815 Cherry St.) – 100 parking spots available
  • Seattle (1201 3rd St.) – 400 parking spots available

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Participants can learn more about the MONOPOLY FREE PARKING and discounted parking at spothero.com/about/monopoly. Bookings for free parking are available now at the same URL.

Find Parking: Select the facility in your city and copy the promo code associated. The reservation time and date will be set automatically for November 24 from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Redeem & Reserve: To redeem the MONOPOLY FREE PARKING pass, add the locations promo code and your information for checkout. Your parking pass will be sent via email using the address you entered.
Arrive and Park: When you arrive, follow the instructions included on your pass. Typically, you’ll either scan a QR code, show the attendant your reservation, or add your license plate number.

For any questions or issues, participants can contact customer service at 1-844-324-0473.

WHEN: Bookings open on Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 PM ET on the SpotHero landing page. The MONOPOLY FREE PARKING pass is only active on Friday, November 24, 2023, Black Friday, at participating parking lots.

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