Blood Bowl’s Kreek “the Verminator” Rustgouger and Wilhelm Chaney are Available Now

Two new bruisers are available for pre-order and ready for the Blood Bowl pitch.

Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger has been revealed and might be the greatest Skaven creation to ever walk the pitch. The monster of a player swings a nugget of warpstone and as per “I’ll Be Back!” will not be sent-off the pitch as per the secret weapon trait for the first time and may continue as part of the game. But, with a fee of 170,000 GP, you’ll need to save up to field him.

Order the figure now for $44.

Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger

Wilhelm Chaney adds a fast, versatile catcher to your team. But, you’ll need to play Sylvanian Spotlight to take advantage.

You can get Chaney now for $30.

Wilhelm Chaney

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