Blood Red Skies Gets New Squadrons and Aces

Warlord Games has lifted the veil of their new releases for Blood Red Skies. Check out what you can pre-order now.

Hawker Hurricane Squadron

Responsible for the majority of the Axis losses in the sky, the Hurricane became an iconic fighter paving the way for the Allies’ victory.

Douglas Bader (Hurricane Ace)

One of the best and brightest, Douglas Bader proved to be a very deadly opponent in the sky.

Witold Urbanowicz (Hurricane Ace)

After the fall of Poland, Hurricane ace Witold Urbanowicz did everything he could to avenge his homeland.

No. 242 Squadron RAF

Douglas Bader leads 242 Squadron directly into the heart of the enemy.

No. 303 Squadron RAF

Witold Urbanowicz commands ‘A’ flight No. 303 Squadron in the defence of Britain.

De Havilland Mosquito Squadron

The Mosquito could take one hell of a beating and dish it right back out!

‘Pick’ Pickard (Mosquito Ace)

RAF Ace for the Mosquito, ‘Pick’ Pickard inspires his squadrons to perfect their skills.

Johnnie Johnson (Spitfire Ace)

Flying the iconic Spitfire, Johnnie Johnson really set himself apart from the other elite pilots in the RAF.

140 Wing RAF (Operation Jericho)

‘Pick’ Pickard leads his squadron of Mosquitos and is ready to take down anything in his way.

F4F Wildcat squadron

Rule the skies over the seas with the new F4F Wildcat!

US Ace – Joseph J Foss

Rule the skies over Guadalcanal with your Wildcat squadron led by Ace pilot, Joesph J Foss!

It’s going to be an Ace weekend with all these Osprey books covering Mosquito, Hurricane and Spitfire Aces!

Mosquito Aces of World War 2

Soviet Hurricane Aces of World War 2

Hurricane Aces 1939-40

Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-41

Hurricane Aces 1941-45

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