Boost Your Roleplaying Games with the Humble Bundle Maps Extravaganza Encore

Maps Extravaganza Encore

Back by popular demand, Humble Bundle has an exclusive offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, the Maps Extravaganza Encore! Get software like Campaign Cartographer 3+ Lifetime License, Floorplan Collection, Tome of Ultimate Mapping, Perspectives 3, City Designer 3, and Dungeon Designer 3. Plus, your purchase will support Save the Children and GameChanger!

There’s $313 worth of awesome stuff and all to help charity!

Here’s what you get with each tier:

Pay $1 to Unlock

  • Token Treasury: Monsters
  • Battle Maps Collection
  • Floorplan Collection

Pay More than the Average to also Unlock:

  • Sources Maps: Castles
  • Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans
  • Source Maps: Temples, Tombs and Catacombs

Pay $25 or more to also Unlock:

  • Tome of Ultimate Mapping
  • Perspectives 3
  • Campaign Cartographer 3+ One Year License

Pay $30 to also Unlock:

  • Campaign Cartographer 3+ Lifetime License
  • City Designer 3
  • Dungeon Designer 3

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