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Brainwave is a New Board Game Line Focused on Improving Memory

Brainwaves: The Astute Goose

With brain function being a major concern amongst adults, Thames & Kosmos has created Brainwaves, a new board game line that focuses on improving memory and is unlike any other game previously released by the company. The game series was developed by experienced game designers and was scientifically tested by neuroscientists. Their conclusion was, that regardless of the player’s age, Brainwaves: The Astute Goose, The Brilliant Boars, and The Wise Whale all test different parts of the brain, including, fluid intelligence, working memory, and episodic memory. In just 15 minutes, users can train, challenge and test their brains in a fun and exciting way. 

Brainwaves: The Astute Goose

In Brainwaves: The Astute Goose, players must identify a burglar hiding in a crowd. What did the culprit look like? What color were their clothes? And what animal accomplices did they have with them? Suspect cards are assigned a number, from one to six. Players look at these cards, then turn them face down. On a turn, a player rolls the two dice: one showing a number, the other a characteristic of a burglar card. If the player can identify the correct item on the correct burglar card, they claim that card as a reward, and then put a new card in its place. Whoever collects the most cards wins. Ages 8+ MSRP: $14.95.

Brainwaves: The Brilliant Boar

In Brainwaves: The Brilliant Boar, each player takes cards showing different animal portraits on their reverse sides into their hands. They can look at the cards briefly when they draw them, but then must face the cards away from them. On a player’s turn, they can either take the top card from the deck into their hand or play one of their cards onto the table, attempting to make as many pairs as possible from the card just played and those already face-up on the table. Whoever collects the most cards wins. Ages 8+ MSRP: $14.95.

Brainwaves: The Wise Whale

In Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, players lay nine cards showing different colorful sea creatures face down after trying to memorize which creatures are on which cards. During a player’s turn, they reveal a new card from the deck. Then, they must reveal a card that matches either the creature or the color on this new card. If they do, they claim this card and then lay out a new card face down in its place. Whoever collects the most cards wins. Ages 8+ MSRP: $14.95.

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