Burn the Galaxy with the new Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

Chaos is coming with a whole new codex and a lot of new miniatures to help burn the galaxy! To help you crush the loyalist scum, a brand new Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines is one the way.

A Dark Apostle and his two Dark Disciples lead the way and delivering blessings to your Core force.

Joining him is a squad of Legionairies which will feature a variety of wargear allowing you to be flexible for your playstyle. Also included are Havocs delivering death from a distance as heavy support. Finally, a Helbrute backs them up with an array of weaponry.

It all comes together for a base force of (currently) 745+ points.

While none of the miniatures look new, there’s about $218 worth of miniatures in the box and the new Combat Patrol boxes have retailed for about $150. It’s a nice base of miniatures to get started with and broad enough to be able to be used in multiple legions. Overall, it’ll be interesting to see how the set fits into the upcoming codex.

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