Cat Tower is on Kickstarter Right Meow

CAT TOWERToday marks the launch of IDW Games and Pandasaurus‘ official Kickstarter for Cat Tower. Cat Tower is a lethally cute, dexterity-based, paper-craft cat stacking game by Taiwanese designer, Aza Chen. The uproarious player interaction and unique, unwieldy cat components make Cat Tower an instant obsession for anyone who plays it.

The object of Cat Tower is to rid yourself of all the cats in a your hand by stacking each cat in various, precarious positions based on die roll, which determines how you stack your cat onto the central tower (or how many cats you may stack).Adding to the fun are special “Fatty Catty” cards, which bring about spontaneous changes in game play.

The Cat Tower Kickstarter is live now!

We got a chance to play the game at Gen Con and it’s a very fun time that reminded us of a furry cute tower game.

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