Catan: Ancient Egypt in November

MFG3221-cxThe sun of Catan rises over the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt. Klaus Teuber has re-worked his masterpiece The Settlers of Catan for this unique collector’s edition, Catan: Ancient Egypt. Settle along the banks of the Nile during the time of the Pharaohs. With the help of your oxcart, you build small villages and great temples styled after some of the most interesting buildings of Egyptian antiquity.

Beware of the robber! His chariot can interrupt production at your cattle pastures, papyrus groves and quarries.

After you master the Base Game, you can try these interesting variants & scenarios:

Help from the Gods: Adds 10 god cards whose powers add a variety of options for dynamic gameplay.

The Great Pyramid allows you to build papyrus boats across the Nile and compete for the pharaoh’s blessing and the vizier’s favor by building blocks onto the great pyramid.

Find out more about what you can expect below the jump!

Catan: Egypt™ contains

  • 19 Terrain Hexes
  • 6 Frame Pieces
  • 18 Number Tokens,
  • 95 Resource Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • 4 Build Cost Cards,
  • 2 Special Cards “Longest Trade Route” and “Largest Mercenary Army”
  • 16 Temple Cities
  • 20 Settlements
  • 60 Oxcarts
  • 1 Robber
  • 2 Dice
  • 2 Card Holders
  • 1 Game Rules
  • 1 Almanac

Additional Scenario Contents:

  • 12 Papyrus Boats,
  • 1 Pyramid Building Site
  • 60 Pyramid Blocks
  • 10 God Cards,
  • 4 God Summary Cards
  • 4 “Pharaoh’s Blessing/Curse” cards,
  • 1 Vizier’s Favor Card

MFG3221 Catan: Ancient Egypt™ $75.00
Ages 10+
For 3-4 Players
Playing Time 75 + minutes
UPC 0-29877-03221-1-07500
Case Pack 5
Designer: Klaus Teuber
Artist: Michael Menzel
Made in Germany
Dimensions 2.87 x 11.625 x 11.625

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