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Renegade to be the new home of Sid Sackson’s classic Acquire

Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro have expanded their partnership to make Renegade the new home for Acquire, Sid Sackson’s classic game of big-city real estate. A partnership was first announced in October 2022, with the announcement that Renegade would be taking over Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, Robo Rally, and Squad Leader. Renegade will be releasing a new version of Acquire in 2023.

First released in 1963, Acquire puts gamers in the shoes of a real estate mogul, vying for control of companies as they expand, merge, and gain value. Renegade’s latest version will incorporate community feedback and feature much-desired features like a return to the 9×12 gridded plastic board, plastic tiles and buildings, and classic theming of the hotel chains, including one named for the late great designer Sid Sackson. The rulebook will also be updated to include clarifications and adjustments gathered from previous versions of the game.

Gamers can expect the new updated version of this classic game in 2023 with distribution in friendly local game stores as well as specialty retailers worldwide. Localized editions are in the works and will be announced at a later time. 

Renegade will also be supporting the game with a Gen Con Championship held in Indianapolis this August.

Renegade Game Studios Launches an Early Release Program for Game Stores with The Search for Lost Species!

Search for Lost Species

Renegade Game Studios will launch the Search for Lost Species 3 months early in participating retail stores and to a limited number of fans. Stores can back the game on Kickstarter and can expect to receive games in May of 2023. The full release and retail distribution will be in August and coincide with a public launch at Gen Con.

The Search for Lost Species gameplay isn’t just more of the same.

Here are some of the new challenges players will take on!

  • Six different Lost Species to look for – Each has its own logic rules and will present a unique challenge!
  • Explore two different island maps, introducing a spatial aspect to the deduction!
  • Town Cards – Each provides a power or ability that will aid in your search!
  • Three different terrain types provide an additional layer of logic and relationships!
  • From the same design team as The Search for Planet X, Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley.

The Search for Lost Species was made using eco-friendly materials!

  • No plastic in the components or packaging.
  • The latest in sustainable premium cardstock using sugarcane rather than traditional lumber, which takes longer to renew.
  • Produced by a factory with eco-friendly practices such as solar power and grey-water recycling in their manufacturing process.

More things you should know about The Search for Lost Species and its predecessor; The Search for Planet X

  • Renegade partnered with Re:wild, a real life organization that is actively searching for Lost Species in our world.
  • The Search for Lost Species App is already complete and downloadable now on the iOS and Android stores.
  • The Search for Planet X won the coveted Game of the Year award in 2021 at the SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival as voted on by fans and industry professionals.
  • The Search for Planet X received the prestigious Dice Tower Seal of Excellence with a rating of 8.5/10.
  • The Search for Planet X received the Shut Up & Sit Down “Recommends” seal!

Portal Games announces Imperial Miners

Imperial Miners

Portal Games has announced Imperial Miners, a light engine-building card game for 1 to 5 players from designer Tim Armstrong (Arcana RisingOrbis), in which players excavate mines using a clever card activation system. This stand-alone game is set in the popular Imperial Settlers universe and offers beautiful illustrations, easy-to-grasp rules, and satisfying gameplay full of chain reactions and engine-building synergies.

In Imperial Miners, players create their own mines by playing cards into their personal tableau. They start from the surface and develop downward. Each time a card is added to their mine it activates itself and all the cards above it, rewarding a player with satisfying chain reactions and combos. The cards belong to six different factions and offer various strategies. Players mix different factions in their mines to achieve the best results.

While developing their mines, players also advance on progress boards. During setup, 3 out of the 6 available progress boards are randomly chosen for the game. These boards each offer a different strategic focus. Throughout the game, players advance to gain additional bonuses that help them develop their tableaus, activate the synergies between cards, gain victory points, and achieve even more satisfying combos. The combination of progress boards influences strategies and makes the game different each time you play.

Imperial Miners offers impressive replayability thanks to its wide range of different cards and modular progress boards. Players also take turns simultaneously so gameplay is quick and lasts no longer than 45 minutes. The straightforward rules, beautiful artwork, and rewarding engine-building mechanisms make a perfect game for both casual and experienced gamers.

Imperial Miners is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2023 with English and Polish editions and other language editions to follow shortly after. The box will include over 150 cards, 100+ tokens, 40+ wooden markers, and 8 boards. MSRP is USD $35.

Like Quoridor and Quarto? Then discover Qawale this February!


Gigamic has released some amazing abstract games over the years. Not just because of the gameplay, but the presentation has made games like Quoridor and Quarto classics. Coming this February is their latest, Qawale. Grab your favorite Player 2 and challenge them to this three-dimensional landscape where mancala meets four-in-a-row.

Both simple and tactical, Qawale is inspired by piles of stones found along paths. Each player takes 8 stones in their color. On your turn, you add a stone on top of any pile and move it. When moving a pile, you must leave a stone on each space you cross. The first player to get 4 of their stones in a row, wins the game.

Don’t get too focused on your own strategy, because your opponent can swoop in with a victory if you’re not thinking three turns ahead. Simultaneously simple yet challenging, Qawale will keep you coming back again and again.

Designed by Romain Froger and Didier Lenain-Bragard, Qawale is for 2 players ages 8+ with games lasting 15 minutes.

Purchase: AmazonMiniature MarketGame NerdzCoolstuff Inc.

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum is live!

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum is now available from Knight Games. The game publisher is running a campaign on Gamefound having blown past its goal on its first day. The game’s campaign is running for 14 days. It’s a semi-cooperative dungeon crawler for 1 to 5 players. You can play with your friends or solo to defeat Batman and escape from Arkham Asylum!

In Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum, it will depend on the player’s ingenuity and how you will interact with the other Super-Villains, to prove that you are capable of escaping from the dreaded Arkham Asylum. Maybe it will be convenient for you to ally yourself with someone, or maybe at a certain moment you will have to betray him… no one knows what lies behind the next door.

All Batman: Escaper from Arkham Asylum miniatures are compatible with Batman Miniature Game. The playable characters included in the core box are: Two-Face, the Penguin, Scarecrow, Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the Joker. But more characters from the Batman universe will be unlocked during the campaign.

If you back it in the first 24 hours, you can get the “Character Skins Set” for free.

Rewards include:

  • Henchman Pledge – The core base game for Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum and unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Super-Villain Pledge – This reward contains the Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum core box and the Batman: Riot in Blackgate expansion and unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Mastermind Pledge – This reward contains all the Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum products available including the main game, two expansions, dice, dice towers, and sleeves pack, and the unlocked Stretch goals
  • Retailer Pledge – For retailers only. Contains 5 core games.

Battle to Save Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventure Game from Modiphius Entertainment

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game

Modiphius Entertainment has announced the retail and online store availability of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game, the solo and cooperative (up to four players) tabletop board game of adventure and exploration set in the frost-covered lands of Skyrim. In this epic tabletop experience, players will face down dragons, Daedra, trolls, and many more sinister creatures as they battle for glory.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game, players are surviving members of the Blades, a legendary group who long protected the Empire of Tamriel, and must band together to thwart a plot to eradicate them all!  

Your quests will lead you across Skyrim – sometimes in short side ventures, others in connected storylines that change with your choices and successes or failures! Gain powerful weapons, armor, spells, amazing treasure, experience points, and of course, followers. But watch out! If you ignore the growing threat across Skyrim, the Strongholds may fall, and you’ll face increasingly dangerous crises.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game contains two major narrative-driven campaigns, each comprised of three chapters. Each chapter can change depending on your choices, following your own quests in the main storyline or meeting up for key events and exploring dungeons together. Save your character’s progress at the end of a chapter or even mid-game, and start again from where you left off the next time you play. 

Key Features of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game

  • Tamriel’s Tiny Faces: Choose from one of six several lavishly detailed plastic miniatures based on iconic Elder Scrolls races like the Khajiit, High Elf, and Nord as an in-game avatar (with more options in the Dawnguard expansion)
  • Gear-Up: What adventure doesn’t involve a bit of treasure hunting? There are loads of weapons, armor, and ancient artifacts for players to find that increase their power as you upgrade or enchant your gear to customize your abilities.
  • Gather Your Party: Go it alone, or bring up to three other players on a journey to explore Skyrim’s secrets that might save its people from certain doom
  • Skills, Swords, and Spells: Be it a greataxe, bow, or spells, players will be able to tailor their combat style as they like, matching their choices with a variety of different skill upgrades that will give them advantages in different quests
  • There and Back Again: With each chapter offering roughly 90 to 120 minutes of core questing, an initial playthrough with no diversions for sidequests or exploration should last about 12 hours. Yet thanks to a plethora of story choices, character options, and play styles, there are practically hundreds of hours worth of content to uncover in subsequent playthroughs.
  • Familiar Friends and Foes: The core box includes the Nord, Dunmer, Imperial, Altmer, Khajiit, and Orsimer characters and their 32mm scale pre-assembled miniatures
  • Expand your Experience: Two gameplay expansions are also available at launch, featuring new rules and experiences to add to the base game. Dawnguard adds the titular vampire hunters and their vampiric nemeses in a new three-chapter campaign fighting against the plots of a Daedric prince! From the Ashes adds several mini-campaigns against such foes as the ghosts of former Blades, the Dark Brotherhood, and the ancient dragon Grahkrindrog! 
  • Add to the Party: Bring more friends to your Free Roaming sessions with the 5-8 Player Expansion. Increase the game’s Free Roaming mode to up to 8 players and go adventuring with your own company of heroes, break up into teams or have larger competitive challenges.
  • Compatible with Call to Arms: Fearsome foes like dragons, Daedra, and trolls are available as miniature upgrades in the cunningly named Miniatures Upgrade Set and are scaled to be compatible with Modiphius’s The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures game — meaning they can be used in this game and vice versa

Renegade Game Studios announces its new Axis & Allies Community

Renegade Game Studios has taken on the publishing for Hasbro/Avalon Hill’s classic Axis & Allies and they have now announced the launch of our official Axis & Allies mini-site and community: the Officer’s Club! Be sure to check out the News section for some exciting announcements!

Then join Renegade Game Studios on February 3rd and 4th for Renegade Con Virtual, where we’ll be revealing more of our 2023 plans! Learn about new releases, vote on the next new addition to the line, and get the details for the Axis & Allies World Championship at Gen Con 2023!

Axis & Allies Officer's Club

Mind MGMT Deluxe and Playing Cards now for sale!

If you’ve missed out, Off the Page Games has announced that web sales for the Mind MGMT board game and Mind MGMT playing cards are now open. You can get the board game in a regular or deluxe edition and the playing card decks are being sold individually or in a display of 12.

Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” Deluxe edition WITH Secret Missions

Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” Deluxe edition WITH Secret Missions included is now for sale on our website! This is the exact same one from the recent Kickstarter and we’ll sell the last couple hundred off until we’re sold out. We’re not planning on having any more of these made available again – but I said that before and we ended up running a second Kickstarter for it, so I am not sure! There are no plans right now at least to ever print this edition again…so get it while it’s still available.

MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” DELUXE edition includes:

  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 game board, full colour comic on back
  • 1 dry erase secret board, full colour comic on back
  • thick board screen, with pockets on the inside
  • 16 feature cards
  • 17 action and other cards
  • 13 recruit wooden meeples
  • 4 agent & 4 Immortal wooden tokens
  • wooden mayhem tokens
  • wooden mind slip tokens
  • 15 plastic dry erase mental note tokens
  • 10 wooden step tokens
  • wooden timer token (with red filter decoder)
  • 4 dry erase markers
  • Game Trayz-designed Wallet with 14 sealed plastic packages, each with an 8-page mini comic book, as well as extra components and rules as part of the SHIFT System.
  • Some of the components included are wooden and some are cardboard.
  • 10 Secret Mission Envelopes

Bolded items are the differences in this version from the retail version.

Mind MGMT Playing cards

The Mind MGMT Playing cards feature all-new art by Matt Kindt on every single card. Not only are these cards beautiful, but each card has a different ability on them. If you choose to play with abilities, then it will energize any existing card game out there! Want to add some zip to Hearts, Euchre, Cribbage, Rummy, and more? Activate those abilities to add some fun and unexpected twists to your old favorites. Not interested in the extra abilities? Simply ignore the text on the cards and they can be used as a regular deck of cards. Well, as regular as Matt Kindt would allow!

Unboxing: Unmatched: Houdini vs. The Genie

Unmatched is a card driven miniature game that allows you to pit various characters against each other, mixing sets! Unmatched: Houdini vs. The Genie adds two new heroes: Harry Houdini and The Genie of the Lamp

We open up and show off everything inside!

Get yours now:
Restoration Games
Game Nerdz
Miniature Market

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Classic Clue returns with a new look and update!

Who killed Boddy Black? Solve the mystery in a suspenseful and newly reimagined Clue board game with a brand new update available nowHasbro has announced that the iconic mystery-solving board game Clue received a refresh that combines classic Clue gameplay with rich new takes on the original murder mystery storyline, an intriguing diverse cast, highly-stylized game pieces, and the glamorous Tudor Mansion. The next chapter of Clue is now available at most major retailers for fans.

When six carefully chosen guests arrive at Boden “Boddy” Black’s mansion after receiving a mysterious invitation, none are certain what to expect. But when their host turns up dead after revealing a sinister blackmail scheme at dinner, the pressure is on to solve the mystery. This Clue murder mystery game is beautifully reimagined with a dazzling cast, luxurious setting, and fresh storyline. Players can choose to play as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, or Professor Plum and race against other players to crack the case by gathering evidence and narrowing down choices. Each playable Clue suspect has been thoughtfully revamped to reflect a new character, with a meaningful backstory and motive, that engrosses players in the world of Clue.

The new Clue board expands to a satisfying 20 by 20-inch gameplay canvas, giving players a bird’s-eye overview of the intricate Tudor Mansion. The entire box set is designed to resemble Boddy Black’s desk, which is covered with blackmail evidence he’s acquired – giving players a chance to always discover more intel to unfold the mystery, from the front to the back of the box. Gone are the generic-colored pawns and simplistic murder weapon pieces, which are replaced with sculpted character movers made of metal with golden finish, richly textured weapons for a more captivating and aesthetically pleasing feel.

Be immersed in an incredible mystery worth solving again and again! And the Clue complexities keep coming… in 2023 and beyond, fans will want to stay on guard as the Clue stories will continue to expand even further through new games and virtual experiences featuring shocking new twists and turns and edgy encounters that will instantly transport you to another world… the first piece of evidence might be in plain sight!

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