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The Op Celebrates 40 Years of the film adaptation of The Shining with The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel – A Coded Chronicles Game

The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel - A Coded Chronicles Game

The Op has revealed The Shinning Coded Chronicles: Escape from the Overlook Hotel, an “escape room” type game. This is a new edition to Op’s new Coded Chronicles line of escape room style games coming out this year. And with the 40th anniversary of the film set for May 23rd, what better time to announce this game!

“Here’s Johnny!” In The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel, take on the roles of Wendy and Danny and work together to search for a way out! Use psychic abilities like “the shining” to solve challenging puzzles, but beware of Jack and the hotel itself, which are conspiring to keep the Torrance family captive. Can you get Wendy and Danny out of the Overlook Hotel while avoiding the axe-wielding Jack?

Coded Chronicles is an at-home escape room style game where players work together to unlock clues and solve puzzles by using a unique code revealing mechanic. Each game offers a unique storyline and objective to provide a one-of-a-kind game-play experience.

The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel – A Coded Chronicles Game is for players age 17+ and can be played with 1 or more individuals. Games take over 120 minutes.

Funko Games Reveals Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanosstones

Pick your favorite hero, rescue your friends, and win battles to defeat Thanos! Funko Games has revealed Battleworld is a revolutionary cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from all over the Marvel Universe! Players get to crack open the mysterious Thanostones during the course of play to reveal the mystery character inside for a constant sense of surprise and delight!

Marvel Battleworld Mystery of the Thanosstones

The game already has numerous products revealed!

Marvel Battleworld – Battle Ball

The Battle Ball provides fully-playable introduction to Battleworld in a collectible size!

Each Battle Ball includes:

  • 5 battle cards
  • 2 Micro Collectable Heroes one is still trapped in Thanostone,
  • 2 hero cards and everything you need to play!

Marvel Battleworld – Mega Pack

The Mega Pack jumpstarts your collection into Battleworld!

Each pack includes:

  • 13 battle cards
  • 6 characters: 4 starting Heroes (including an exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man variant) and two more trapped in Thanostones!
  • 6 hero stands and everything you need to play! 

Thanos Ship Showdown

The Thanos Ship Showdown expands the game to include an exclusive Thanos character and his brutal flagship!

Each set includes:

  • 1 Thanos Ship with dice-dropping and battle damage-tracking action!
  • 1 Exclusive Thanos character
  • 1 Exclusive die and everything you need to add this to your game! 

Travel Portal with Attack Spinner

The Travel Portal is the first accessory in the Battleworld line! Players can clip this to their bag to carry their favorite character wherever they go – and the spinner base can be used instead of the dice in the game!

Each pack includes:

  • 1 Travel Portal with spinner base!
  • 1 Exclusive Gold Ultron character + Hero Card
  • Backpack/bag clip to take it anywhere! 

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale Gets a New Stand-Alone Expansion Cartographers: Heroes

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

Thunderworks Games has announced a new stand-alone expansion for Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Cartographers: Heroes. This comes on top of the news that the game has been nominated by Spiel des Jahres for the 2020 Kennerspiel Des Jahres award!

Cartographers allows 1-100 players (but who’s counting?) to draw shapes on their own map sheets and compete for the highest reputation over four rounds (or seasons). Both solo gamers and groups of every size are challenged to achieve a series of variable scoring objectives while trying to mitigate the effects of monster ambush cards.

Cartographers: Heroes can be played on its own or combined with Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. Heroes will feature all-new cards and maps, as well as the ability to unlock heroes to ward off invading monsters.

In addition, three new map packs are in development that can be played with either version of Cartographers. Each provides new map sheets, cards, and a unique and challenging way to play the game. The map packs are:

  • Afffril: Plane of Knowledge
  • Nebblis: Plane of Flame
  • Undercity: Depths of Sabek

Current plans are to launch Cartographers: Heroes and the map packs later this year.

Escape a Dying Civilization in Seeders From Sereis: Exodus—Coming Soon from WizKids!

Seeders from Sereis: Exodus

WizKids has announced the upcoming release of hit game Seeders from Sereis: Exodus, in English for the first time!

When an unknown force threatens to render their home uninhabitable, the Seeders must build arks—giant colony ships–to ensure their survival. Players work to create the most promising design to be chosen for production. Each turn players draft cards into their hands as cards are laid out on the board. Players strategically place negotiator chips between the cards they want, using their alignment and position to determine who has the most influence over a desired card. Once all negotiators and tokens are placed, influence is calculated and the winners of each card are determined.

Once obtained, cards can be played for points, adding value to your ark, or discarded for resources. Each card represents a different component of the ark – modules and personnel – and players will find unique synergies between cards. Complex interactions add layers of strategy that lead to a unique experience each time you play.

Featuring immersive sci-fi art and high-quality production materials, Seeders from Sereis: Exodus tells a deep, engrossing story, while challenging players with difficult decisions and unique mechanics. This is the first game set in the visionary Seeders from Sereis universe, created by Serge Macasdar and Charbel Fourel.

Seeders from Sereis: Exodus is releasing Fall 2020.

Seeders from Sereis: Exodus

The Op’s Hues and Cues is Out Now

Hues and Cues is a new board game from The Op and Scott Brady where color references and examples are in the eye of the beholder. In the game, you test your color knowledge and guessing abilities. It’s a vibrant group party game of colorful communication where players are challenged to make connections to colors with words.

Using only one and two-word cues, players try to get others to guess a specific hue from the 480 colors squares on the unique game board.

The winner is the first player with the most points after several rounds.

Hues and Cues is a unique game based on words and colors that’s great for all ages. It’s even color blind tested.

Floodgate Games Brings New Life to Sagrada

Return again to the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Sagrada: Life, the second of the three Great Facades expansions. Floodgate Games has announced the modular expansion that explores the journey of life, through hardships and helpers—add everything inside or hand-select individual modules to enhance your window crafting experience. 

The game launches in July with a retail release in September.

Sagrada: Life

The Op Releases Monopoly: Breaking Bad

Relive the highs and lows of one of the greatest television shows of all time. Take a spin and make a deal with Monopoly: Breaking Bad which is out now.

Buy, sell, and trade your way to infamy and be the last one standing in this collectible version of Monopoly. The game includes 6 custom sculpted tokens: Heisenberg Hat, Tio’s Bell, Money Barrel, Gas Mask, Pink Teddy Bear, and RV.

The game has a slight Breaking Bad twists with Houses renamed Tented Houses, Hotels renamed SuperLabs, Community Chest Cards renamed Heisenberg Cards, and Chance Cards renamed Walter White Cards.

Monopoly: Garbage Pail Kids is Out Now

One person’s trash is another’s treasure and you can play that out the Monopoly: Garbage Pail Kids. This new edition of the classic game is available now.

The game features the classic Garbage Pail Kids look as you buy, sell, and trade your way around the board and collect the whole set of iconic Garbage Pail Kids. In it houses are Garbage Cans, hotels are Dumpsters, Chance Cards are “Never had a Chance” Cards, and Community Chest Cards are “Community Chester” cards.

The game includes includes 6 custom sculpted tokens featuring Zit Goo Tube, Fish Bones, Melting Eyeball, Overflowing Trash Can, Guillotine, and Swirly Dog Poop.

This year marks 35 years of Garbage Pail Kids and you can celebrate it with a new take on a classic game.

Power Rangers: Rise of the Psycho Rangers Launches on Kickstarter

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is expanding! Renegade Game Studios has launched the Kickstarter for Power Rangers: Rise of the Psycho Rangers.

Rise of the Psycho Rangers lets you play as one of the 5 Space Rangers: Andros, Cassie Chan, Carlos Vallerte, Ashley Hammond, and T.J. Johnson as they face off against the Psycho Rangers! This expansion also lets you take control of the villains with the Mastermind Mode!

Check out everything you can get as well as the Kickstarter exclusive card storage box.

Check out the details in the video below:

Renegade Game Studios has also included a tier for retailers. Retailers can order the expansion in sets of 4, 8, or 12. Retailers may also order up to 8 Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Boxes and up to 10 of the Renegade Exclusive Bulk and Skull character packs. Shipping not included.

The campaign also includes Villain Pack #2, which brings the Machine Empire to your table with Prince Gasket, Princess Archerina, Louie Kaboom, General Venjix, and King Mondo himself! Tune into the campaign to find out what challenges the Rangers will face in this pack!

Castle Panic Gets a Deluxe Edition Kickstarter June 9

Castle Panic Deluxe

Fireside Games has announced Castle Panic Deluxe is coming to Kickstarter on June 9! The beloved, best-selling, cooperative, tower defense game hits the table like never before! Featuring all-new art, deluxe components, monster minis, and plastic castle pieces, this limited edition is the ultimate version of Castle Panic!

The game includes 31 Monster minis with spinning bases to track damage as well as a full Castle! It also features all new art and graphic design!

Get notified for when the project goes live.

Castle Panic Deluxe
Castle Panic Deluxe
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