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Amazon is Having a Massive Sale on Board Games

Amazon is have a great sale where you can get up to 40% off. There’s a massive amount of games of all types for beginners to hard core tabletop gamers. Strategy, dice, social, roleplaying, and family games are included.

Check out some of the highlights below.




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Fury of Dracula Gets a Fourth Edition this July

WizKids has revealed they will release the brand new edition of the classic Fury of Dracula with five new miniatures in July.

The board games was originally released by Games Workshop in 1987 and was designed by Stephen Hand. The game features one player as Count Dracula who secretly moves through Europe turning humans into vampires. The other players are Hunters who attempt to find Dracula and destroy him and the vampires before they take over the continent.

The edition will feature a new rulebook, new sized cards, and fully painted miniatures of Dracula and the hunters. The game will retail for $59.99.

The game was previously released by Fantasy Flight Games. Games Workshop ended their business arrangement with that publisher in September 2016 and announced a new partnership with WizKids in October 2017.

Asmodee Announces Modern Classics

Asmodee has announced a new selection of board games called Modern Classics. The selection is pioneering titles that have a lasting legacy on board games and stood the test of time.

These are the games that are essentials for every collection and present a great entry into board gaming as well as musts for gaming fans.

The Modern Classics range kicks off with:

  • Ticket to Ride Europe
  • Catan
  • Carcassonne
  • Dixit
  • Pandemic
  • Splendor

Tyrants of Lothal, a New Expansion for Fantasy Flight’s Imperial Assault

Fantasy Flight games has announced a brand new expansion for Imperial Assault, Tyrants of Lothal. The struggle against the empire is just beginning and resistance groups have begun to join together into the Rebel Alliance.

The Lothal Ressitance has arisen to fight back against the tyrannical oppression and now you can add this setting and characters to your games of Imperial AssaultTyrants of Lothal introduces new heroes, enemies, allies, map tiles and a six-part mini-campaign. Tyrants of Lothal is not releasing alone either, so be sure to also pre-order the Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack, the Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack, the Thrawn Villain Pack, and the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack to upgrade your Imperial Assault experience!

These new figure packs contain everything you need to add these heroes to your campaign and skirmish games.

Check Out Mike Mignola Art and Painted Miniatures for Hellboy the Boardgame

We’re excited for the upcoming Hellboy the Boardgame from Mantic Games. And with each new reveal from Mantic… well we’re getting even more excited. This week the game publisher revealed two things, original art from Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola and painted versions of the miniatures!

Take a closer look at these incredible Hellboy pre-production miniatures painted by the supremely talented .

Also, check out this finished version of the incredible box artwork by Mike Mignola!

Renegade Game Studios’ Overlight Comes to Kickstarter April 24

Now is your time, Blessed Skyborn!

On April 24th, Renegade Game Studios will launch the Overlight Kickstarter.

The publisher has made it a journey up to this point showing off original sketches from Kwanchai Moriya come to life in their final color form. Renegade will delve deeper into this world and share insider stories from the creators during the campaign. You will learn more about the folk and their histories on top of the info already released about the native creatures of several shards, and the story-driven mechanics of the campaign.

Your place in this world will become clear.

Explorers of the North Sea’s First Expansions Rocks of Ruin Set to be Released This May!

Recent storms have left longships torn apart, with their precious cargo scattered across the rocky shores. Meanwhile, rumours of great fortresses in nearby regions are beginning to spread. Will you be the first to salvage the wrecks, or will you throw caution to the wind and charge the enemy fortresses for fame and glory?

Rocks of Ruin is an expansion for Explorers of the North Sea, and adds new ways to score with salvaging Shipwrecks, building Structures and raiding Fortresses. When placing tiles with a Shipwreck, a token is taken from the supply and placed facedown on the tile. Players may spend an action with 1 Viking to salvage a Shipwreck. They will either find Timber for building Structures, Provisions for additional actions, Battering Rams for raiding with 1 fewer Viking, or precious Gold worth 3 Victory Points at the game’s end.

This is expansion provides new ways to play Explorers of the North Sea including using battering rams to raid fortresses! A mini expansion for The North Sea Runesaga is also included! Add a fifth player to your game when this comes out May 23rd.

Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance is Now on Kickstarter

ALC Studios and Lynnvander have launched Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance on Kickstarter.

Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance is a cooperative tactical board game for 1-4 players where you play as the leaders of the Resistance, liberating humankind from the clutches of the machines. Use the mission book to select your scenario or play through in campaign mode. Build the modular map and select your favorite resistance hero before engaging the Terminators in a battle for survival. Roll dice and allocate them to abilities, weapons, movement and more. Press on toward the next waypoint and don’t get overrun by the machines!

River Horse will be publishing the game from ALC Studio and Lynnvader. The miniatures will be the same scale as the River Horse Terminator Genisys miniature game.

Previously, Lynnvander was contracted to design a different Terminator board game by Space Goat Publishing. That game was to be delivered December 2017. Lynnvander says their role has been completed and delays are in the hands of SGP.

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