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Maestro Media Partners teams with All About Games for Global Expansion

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Maestro Media All About Games

Today, Maestro Media has announced its partnership with All About Games. All About Games will help expand Maestro Media’s international reach, sales, localization, manufacturing, distribution, as well as further scaling the company for a greater impact. Maestro Media is a full-service strategic product and business development firm specializing in tabletop publishing. All About Games is a consulting company dedicated to international tabletop and board game markets.

All About Games initially partnered with Maestro Media to help source localization partners for Maestro’s massively successful The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem Kickstarter campaign, which generated over $6.7 million, becoming one of the top twenty performing Kickstarter campaigns of all time. All About Games secured placement of the game in eleven territories, generating an additional $1 million in sales. Due to the massive success of that initial partnership, Maestro Media and All About Games have decided to expand the partnership to help continue Maestro’s international growth and expansion.

The partnership will focus on the international expansion of Maestro Media through marketing growth as well as strategizing and executing global manufacturing and distribution of Maestro’s games catalogue. As part of its upcoming slate of projects, Maestro Media will work in conjunction with All About Games to continue to expand popular game IPs, including Umbrella Academy, Tapeworm, Sugar Heist, and The Binding of Isaac, with many more in the works. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem is set to release in 2022.

NYCC 2021: Millimages and Ox Eye Media expand Molang into Board Games

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Ox Eye Media has partnered with French animation studio Millimages to expand the popular character Molang into a series of comic books, board games and puzzles in 2022.

Originally created as an online emoticon in 2010 by South Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon, a chance encounter between Hye-Ji and Millimages resulted in a Molang animated television series. The series became an overnight hit, broadcasted in over 190 territories.

Radiating kawaii cuteness, Molang is all about friendship, spreading love, happiness, and positivity. Molang has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral, and values taking care of the planet. Now, Molang’s universal language of good vibes will be felt in comics, games, and puzzles.


Is Asmodee for Sale for 2 Billion Euros?

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Asmodee logo

Rumors have swirled for some time that Asmodee‘s VC company PAI Partners has been looking to sell the board game company. The rumor has kicked up again due to reporting from Gus & Co. That site is reporting that PAI is looking to sell Asmodee for 2 billion Euros. They acquired the company in 2018 for 1.2 billion Euros from Eurazeo who purchased Asmodee in 2014 for 132 million Euros.

PAI Partners is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs and Natixis Partners to help sell the company.

The news and timing is an interesting one as the board game industry is booming with estimates it reached $11 billion in 2020 and $12 billion is projected for 2021. That’s a year-over-year increase of about $1 billion for the last three years. The industry is also looking to expand from the tabletop with licensing agreements for clothing, household items, entertainment, and more regularly being announced.

Asmodee is a juggernaut of the industry, the second-largest behind Hasbro. Fantasy Flight Games, Catan Studio, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games are all part of the Asmodee umbrella covering games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and more.

Modiphius Entertainment Launches New Online Store for the United States and Canada – Launches Special Limited Offers to Celebrate

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Modiphius Entertainment logo

Modiphius Entertainment is opening a new online store for North American (US, Canada, and Mexico) customers. The new web store is a one-stop shop for customers in North America and makes it so shipping costs are much lower than before.

As part of the launch, Modiphius is offering special pre-orders for their upcoming Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Sand & Dust Supplement, Homeworld RPG, Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 roleplaying products, the Star Trek Adventures: Shackleton Expanse supplement, and the recently announced Runehammer special editions of Index Card RPG and Viking Death Squad. To top it off, Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu 6th & 7th edition books for Call of Cthulhu and Achtung! Cthulhu for Savage Worlds also features a massive discount — just  £1 (approx. $1.38 US) for physical editions of these books, and £10 (approx. $13.85 US) for a PDF collection featuring all of the Achtung! Cthulhu for both Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu setting books and adventures.

You can find the new North American home of Modiphius at

Asmodee Announces a Partnership with Just Funky for Arkham Horror Merchandise

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Arkham Horror

Asmodee Entertainment has announced an agreement with Just Funky LLC for a range of fan-focused homewares and accessories based on the hugely successful Arkham Horror tabletop gaming brand.

Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror is one of the best-known and most-loved brands in tabletop gaming, including fan-favorite board games Mansions of MadnessEldritch Horror, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game, among others. The brand is one of more than 300 gaming properties found in Asmodee Group’s portfolio. Away from the tabletop, the Arkham Horror brand is already represented by a range of novels from Asmodee Entertainment’s fiction imprint Aconyte Books, as well as licensed artbooks from Dark Horse Books, and fans will be excited to see the brand further developed through Just Funky’s forthcoming offerings.

The company plans a collector-based approach to the range of homeware and accessories, which will allow fans of the Arkham Horror games to recognize one another and share their passion through everything from coasters and drinks holders, to wall art, throws and lamps, tote bags, lanyards, stationery and more.

The first items in Just Funky’s new Arkham Horror product line are planned to launch in retail and online in Spring 2022.

Source Point Press and Asmodee Team for Comics Based on Legend of the Five Rings, Mysterium, and Pandemic

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Source Point Press and Asmodee Entertainment have entered a licensing partnership to bring three of the most famous tabletop gaming universes of all time to the pages of comics! The best-selling game worlds of Legend of the Five Rings, Mysterium, and Pandemic are slated to make their first comic debuts starting in 2022.

Source Point Press is no stranger to bringing games to comics. The publisher has released comics based on the popular board game Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. They are also are publishing a comic based on the Winchester Mystery House. Its sister company, Deep Water Games, will release a game based on the infamous house as well.

Publication dates and creative teams will be announced at a future date, with all titles to be distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, Simon & Schuster, and select game distributors.

Magnetic Press launches a Tabletop Game Imprint, Magnetic Press Play

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Magnetic Press Play

Graphic novel and art book publisher Magnetic Press has announced the formation of Magnetic Press Play, a new imprint focused on tabletop games and transmedia properties. The first project to launch under the company’s banner will be Carbon Grey, an original Tabletop Role-Playing Game based on the popular graphic novel series by Hoang Nguyen and originally published by Image Comics. Other projects in the works include games and supplements based on popular licenses such as Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu and several beloved anime series. More details on these, and additional projects, will be announced in the coming weeks.

West End Games

Magnetic’s first project under the new imprint is also the first to capitalize on their licensing partnership with the well-known game publishing house, West End Games, best known for their D6 System role-playing ruleset. This ruleset served as the core for several top-selling (and beloved to this day) licensed tabletop RPGs, including the original Star Wars and Ghostbusters RPGs, and will serve as the foundation of Carbon Grey’s gameplay mechanics.

Magnetic Press Play’s first title, Carbon Grey, sets players in a unique alternate history reminiscent of World War I-era Europe, but with fantastic dieselpunk technologies and elements of the paranormal. In the game, players will explore a war-torn universe filled with mystery, prophecy, and intrigue. The sourcebook is being written and overseen by game designer and graphic novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska, an ENnie and UKGE award winner for his work on the recent Alien RPG from Free League and the lead writer of the Terminator RPG from Nightfall Games.
Other titles coming from Magnetic Press Play include a series of expansions for Chaosium’s popular RPG Call of Cthulhu that will make use of Magnetic Press’s background in the graphic novel marketplace, as well as games based on various anime and manga licenses.

Games Workshop Announces a Break on New Releases

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With shipping a mess and COVID still causing all sorts of problems, Games Workshop has announced that they’re delaying their next few releases. The announcement mentioned this would take place over the “next couple of weeks” during which there will be no new pre-orders.

But… there will be new Print on Demand releases from Black Library next week of The Horus Heresy series hardbacks for books 31-35.

So what will you be doing with the break of releases? Any projects you’re working on?

Games Workshop

White Wizard Games is Now Wise Wizards Plus New Games Revealed

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Wise Wizard Games logo

White Wizard Games LLC, the makers of Star Realms ​, announced today that they have changed the company name to Wise Wizard Games. As the company continues to expand, they want to have a name that best represents their vision and their community. The company has raised over $4.5M on Kickstarter, the Star Realms digital app has been downloaded over 1M times, and WWG had over 20% growth in revenues in 2020.

The company has plans for continued growth, including a new arena strategy game designed by Richard Garfield. Coinciding with this renaming, Wise Wizard Games launched an updated website and social media channels. Any new reprints going forward will use the updated company name. The short abbreviation for the company name (WWG), all SKU numbers, and the WWG hat logo remain unchanged to make the transition as easy as possible for their channel partners.

Wise Wizard Games announced new games in the design and development pipeline:

  • Riders of Chaos: An audacious arena battle game designed by Richard Garfield. Choose your skilled warrior, select your unpredictable beast, and play with crazy combos as you battle in the arena with stunning miniatures in an immersive play experience.
  • Robot Quest Arena: A deckbuilding game of robot battles! Do you have what it takes to be the best Robot Tech in the world? Control your adorable battle bot miniature with the skills of your driver and the cards in your deck! Acquire powerful new upgrades for your bot. Destroyed bots respawn each round, so you’re never out of the action!
  • Hero Realms: Dungeon of Thandar: An all-new adventure deckbuilding game box set that includes everything you need to adventure through the Dungeon of Thandar as your party fights off evil bosses and minions, leveling up and gaining skills, treasure, and magical items as they go!
  • Star Realms Rise of Empire: Before Star Realms, there was war and decimation. Rise of Empire tells the origin story of the Star Empire. In this legacy-style game, players will battle each other for survival, and in the end, will walk away with a fully playable Star Realms set that includes all-new factions!
Rise of Empire

Asmodee Announces 3rd Parties will No Longer Be Able to Sell on Amazon

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Asmodee logo

In today’s Gama Expo, Asmodee announced that third-party retailers will no longer be able to sell through Amazon starting June 1st. Asmodee said they are working directly with Amazon to sell through their platforms. Part of the reason for this is the violation of the publisher’s MAP policy.

When pressed if Amazon will be required to stick to the MSRP and MAP, Asmodee was cagey in their response only saying that the decision is private and part of the contract and repeating their MAP will be enforced.

What lines this impacts, or if it’s everything, is unclear. The publisher is a large umbrella of a company that includes Catan Studio, Fantasy Flight Games, Z-Man Games, Days of Wonder, Plaid Hat Games, Lookout Games, and so many more. We’ll have more information as it’s released.

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