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Hub Games’ Retailer Virtual World Tour Begins in February

Hub Games Virtual Tour

Hub Games will be kicking off its Retailer Virtual World Tour in February, starting with Prisma Arena, their latest title.  Hub Games, its distribution partners, and retailers will join together to make distancing seem not so distant. Over the coming months, Hub Games will be conducting virtual visits to retailers worldwide, demoing games to staff and customers. Retailers can contact their favorite distributor for details on how to participate.  

When the pandemic first hit, Hub Games immediately responded. Hub Games began a virtual world tour bringing their games to fans, stores, and guests. With social distancing continuing, Hub Games has worked with retailers to improve the concept. The Hub Games team will host forty-five-minute sessions every Monday.  The events give retailers and their staff the chance to engage with customers while playing the latest Hub Games titles. The featured game will rotate every six weeks, with Prisma Arena kicking off the tour on February 15th.

With the absence of trade shows and consumer shows, it has become more difficult for the retailer to introduce new games to their customers and for publishers to connect with retailers. With the Retailer Virtual World Tour, Hub Games hopes to solve that and make some new friends along the way. To support this initiative, distributors in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Australia have a special offer for retailers interested in participating.  Games will live-stream on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, allowing retailers to invite customers to watch and comment.

Get Happy with a Conquest Virtual Happy Hour

Conquest‘s Virtual Happy Hour is here! It’s Thursday the 28th of January (this coming week) at 4pm EDT, 10pm CET. BYOB – Bring your own Biomancer!

Para Bellum Wargames can’t visit at trade shows like the ones that’d already be kicking off this year… so they’re bringing the conversation online, to you! What do you want to know or ask about Conquest? Complaints, compliments, ideas and investigations, this is an hour forum to chat casually with each other. The team from Para Bellum will be staying up late in Greece to chat on Google Meet and they might share a surprise or two as well…..     

If you can’t make it, don’t worry! They will do these at different times in different time zones in the months ahead. If you can’t find time to schedule this one, or you aren’t awake for this one, don’t worry. There’s more to come! It’s an opportunity to catch up with the community to hear their thoughts, and share some future looking products and events that are planned. Register with for the log-in information.

Floodgate Games Teases Sagrada: Legacy

Sagrada: Legacy

With an official announcement for Sagrada: Legacy coming in a few weeks, Floodgate Games has announced that it’s set to be released this summer for Gen Con 2021.

Sagrada has you crafting the best stained-glass windows by placing colorful transparent die. The original game was released in 2017 and has since spun out numerous expansions.

Dice are drafted by players to place on the board with each board featuring restrictions on which color or shade of die can be placed there. On top of that, dice of the same shade or color may never be placed next to each other.

Scoring is based upon achieving various patters and placement as well as bonus points for certain shades of colors.

HABA and Nonepub 21 Partner Up!

HABA has announced a partnership with Nonepub ’21! The game publisher has teamed up with the organizers of Nonepub, a digital games design convention, to create a Game Design track at this month’s digital convention, January 28-31st. Teams can signup here to participate in this weekend of designing support and fun.

For $10 per team, they’ll gain access to:

  • Physically mailed HABA bag of bits to one team member (US addresses only)
  • Special access to Nonepub Game Jam Track Events for all team members
  • Special access to Nonepub Game Jam Discord channels for all team members
  • Game Jam Kickoff Meeting on Thursday 1/28/2021 7:30pm ET
  • Game Jam Feedback Finale Meetings on Sunday 1/31/2021
  • A curated list of panels to attend during Winter Nonepub 
  • Raffle to win game design related prizes


Only one badge is required per team. Teams may be between 1 and 5 designers. 

Tickets on sale now

Tabletop Entries for 2021 International Serious Play Awards Honoring Games for Training or Education Due February 9

2021 International Serious Play Awards

The entry deadline for the 2021 International Serious Play Awards has been set for Tuesday, Feb.9 in the Category Tabletop Learning Games, both for Professionals and Students.

The Award honors outstanding learning-based Tabletop Games in Military, Government, Business, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Higher Education, K12 and Museums/Visiting Centers for Training or Education.

Entries are judged on how well-executed and clear the feedback, assessment and learning objects are; overall gameplay, which includes how engaging and interactive the game is; the orientations for the player; and the aesthetics of the game. Tabletop games are evaluated online by a team of judges on a zoom call.

Winners from each category will be showcased during the 2021 Serious Play Conference, online in 2021.

AdeptiCon Cancels its 2021 Convention


With the future still unknown and COVID infection out of control, AdeptiCon has announced that they have decided to cancel their 2021 convention. Scheduled to have taken place in March 2021, the ability to even plan the convention is limited due to restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois where it takes place.

In their statement the convention states “the health and well-being of our attendees and staff, makes cancellation the only option. We believe it is the responsible one.”

Instead, the focus will turn to 2022 allowing for the convention staff to continue to develop the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon and launch of an AdeptiCOn webstore allowing for the purchase of merchandise year round.

Those who rolled over their registration from 2021, it will shift to 2022/2023 without any issues.

You can read their full announcement below.

AdeptiCon 2021

We hope that everyone is well in these unprecedented and uncertain times. It has been a challenging year for all of us. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce officially what many of you have already come to realize, that it will be impossible to hold AdeptiCon in March of 2021. The continued ongoing effects of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois mean we are unable to effectively plan and organize the logistical efforts involved with running the convention. As you may be aware, by late November AdeptiCon has already typically opened hotel blocks and launched registration and staff and attendees alike have started making plans to see old friends and begin new hobby projects.

Like Americans across the country, we are optimistic that brighter days are coming, but the fluidity of the situation does not allow for the firm commitments required to see AdeptiCon realized in the way we’ve all come to expect. We do not make this decision lightly and there is no group more disappointed than the AdeptiCon staff, but current restrictions along with our continued first priority, the health and well-being of our attendees and staff, makes cancellation the only option. We believe it is the responsible one.

To that end, we have notified and consulted with our venue and myriad partners to negotiate the necessary arrangements to cancel AdeptiCon 2021, while simultaneously securing the future of the convention for years to come.

We understand that this was not the announcement anyone wanted to hear and certainly not one we are happy about making. However, this decision allows us to focus fully on the future of AdeptiCon. Instead of being confined and limited by the uncertainty of current circumstances, we can focus on planning the best possible AdeptiCon 2022. It also allows us to continue the development of the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon perks and the launch of an AdeptiCon webstore that would make AdeptiCon merchandise available year round.

Once again, we appreciate your understanding, patience, and the unprecedented loyalty of our attendees. If you had chosen, previously, to roll your registration forward, rest assured that it will move to 2022/2023 without any issues. This has been a challenging time for the nation and while AdeptiCon thanks everyone involved in making the convention the best event in the world, from attendees to volunteers to exhibitors, we would especially like to acknowledge those of you serving your communities in the medical and first-responder fields. Your tireless work allows us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and gives us confidence that not only will AdeptiCon be back, stronger than ever, but that our country will too. Thank you,

The AdeptiCon Staff
December 3, 2020

MODCon Kicks off December 4th

MODCon 2020

MODCon Friday, December 4th, is How to be a Great GM day! In collaboration with the YouTube channel How to be a Great GM, Modiphius has an amazing line-up of some of the top GMs, DMs and storytellers in the RPG space together to talk all things TTRPG.

Starting at 8pm UCT, Cody from Taking 20 and The Dungeon DudesMonty and Kelly will join Guy from How to be a Great GM in the discussion ‘Things I wish I knew when I started GMing’. If you have not yet GM’d a game, or if you have been doing it for years, the panel promises to be a mixture of deep insight, zany craziness and all round fun.

Following that at 9pm UCT Guy will grill Nate from WASD20 and Seth from Seth Skorkowsky on the basics of Game Mastering. What does it take to be a genuinely great GM? These two guests know their business and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Questions from the audience are encouraged!

At 10pm UCT Janet Forbes from World Anvil joins Guy and Seth as they try to figure out what are the next steps a GM should take in terms of upping their games. With their collective knowledge on worldbuilding, story crafting and insane love of all things… odd… the trio will unpack your questions whilst trying to find the meaning of life as a GM.

Closing off Friday’s madness, Guy will run a special game of Star Trek Adventures featuring Janet, Seth, and Mhaire from Orkenspalter TV. The game, however, is not your normal game of Star Trek Adventures. Every 15 minutes the game stops and the players and GM will unpack why they did certain things, what motivated them to make a rules call, what drove the players to do a certain thing, deep insight into how these folks play. It’s live, and your input will make all the difference so don’t miss out on that.

Saturday continues the MODCon experience with more panels and play-throughs – you can find the latest information on the MODCon home page.


Players, GM’s and wargamers can sign up now to GM, host or play in a game over on StartPlaying.Games – simply select MODCon from the special event dropdown when registering your event.


8pm GMT – PANEL – Things I Wish I Knew When I Started GMing
Host: Guy Sclanders
Panellists: Cody Lewis, Dungeon Dudes (Monty & Kelly)

9pm GMT – PANEL – (Game) Mastering The Basics
Host: Guy Sclanders
Panellists: Nate Vanderzee, Seth Skorkowsky

10pm GMT – PANEL – Next Step GM Techniques
Host: Janet Forbes
Panellists: Guy Sclanders, Seth Skorkosky, Lloyd Gyan

11pm GMT – GAME – Star Trek Adventures (Special Behind-The-Scenes Game) + After-Game Chat
GM: Guy Sclanders
Players: Janet Forbes, Mháire Stritter, Seth Skorkowsky

GAMA Expo 2021 Goes Virtual and announces Friendly Local Game Store Day

With the uncertainty of 2021 still looming GAMA has announced that the 2021 GAMA Expo will be virtual. Originally scheduled for March 15-18 in Reno, Nevada, the physical convention is not being held due to the COVID pandemic.

Instead, GAMA will host a virtual program consisting of four days over two weeks culminating in Friendly Local Game Store Day.

The virtual show will consist of two EXPO days featuring the Exhibit Hall, Premier Presentations, and Game Nights on Tuesday, March 16 and 23 respectively. On Wednesday, March 17, GAMA will hold a Professional Development Day with specific educational tracks for retailers, publisher/manufacturers, and designers, plus a special e-commerce track for everyone.

The program will also feature a speed pitching opportunity for designers with publishers, scheduled meetings with distributors and facilitated group discussions on important topics facing the industry.

GAMA has also announced Friendly Local Game Store Day which will be held on Saturday, March 27. The goal is to drive consumers to GAMA retail stores to purchase products by publishers who are members of GAMA. There is something a bit odd about driving individuals to physical stores when the conference/convention has been canceled due to COVID. Stores could hold their own events online too if needed.

More info is coming and this is something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

GAMA Expo 2021

Roll20 Announces Major Content Updates – Mobile App, New Games and More

At the fifth annual Roll20Con, Roll20 announced a virtual tabletop full of new content. Burn Bryte, Roll20’s original online TTRPG, has two new adventures (one is free!) available now, plus a new bestiary that expands on the imaginative Olaxis Galaxy. The Roll20 user interface is getting a navigation-friendly overhaul, and new scheduling updates will make it easier than ever to connect with other players. New games are inbound, like Alien, Warhammer Fantasy, Esper Genesis, Companion’s Tale, and more, along with updates and expansions for fan-favorites like D&D, CoC, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and more. 

Through Sunday (October 25), fans can grab exclusive Roll20Con giveaways and rewards, as Roll20 matches donations to Code2040 to help end racial discrimination in tech.

Service Updates
  • Mobile App – Roll20 Mobile is just on the horizon. The team is hard at work on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that can be sent directly to the VTT, with other updates and features coming down the line. A closed beta is coming soon! 
  • Roll20 Reserve – Launched in October, Roll20 Reserve is an entirely new reward feature that gives Pro subscribers curated Reserve items each month, like map packs, tokens, modules, and other fancy stuff.
    • Reserve items are free to Pro subscribers (exclusively) for one month, then available to all users for purchase in the Marketplace.
  • Grid View – New and improved interface, with more updates on the way! Almost 700 people voted on the user forums for better Page management and organization, and now it’s here.
  • Scheduling Updates – Coming soon. More easily connect with players and solve that eternal TTRPG problem, “so when are we playing?”

Game Updates

  • Burn Bryte – Three Roll20Con releases, available now:
    • FREE adventure, Trapped at the Edge
    • New Bestiary, Galactic Grimoire
    • New Adventure, After Midnight
  • Free League’s ALIEN (Starter Set and Destroyer of Worlds) – Coming 10/27/2020
  • Starfinder: Alien Archive 3 and 4 – Coming soon
  • Pathfinder Second Edition: Agents of Edgewatch – Just released
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition will be backlog-complete on Roll20 by the end of 2020, with the addition of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 2 (OGL) – Available now
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition – Just released
  • Call of Cthulhu
    • Investigator Handbook – Coming 11/20/2020
    • Charactermancer – Just released
  • Renegade Entertainment’s Overlight and Wardlings – Coming Q1 2021
  • More titles coming soon to Roll20 from indie creators and publishers, including Esper Genesis (Alligator Alley Entertainment), Companions’ Tale (Sweet Potato Press), and many more.
Roll20Con Freebies
  • Code2040 donation rewards:
    • Lost Mine of Phandelver, Indoor Recess Theros, and Burn Bryte Burning Daylight token pack, The Phandelver Phive – available through Tiltify
  • Giveaways this weekend: 
    • Every Twitch event will be giving away something 
    • Daily giveaways on the Roll20 forums
    • Giveaways at certain donation milestones 
  • Roll20Con 2020 T-shirt – Proceeds benefit Code2040
  • Norse Foundry dice – An aircraft grade aluminium D20 sporting the Roll20 logo. 20% of all sales benefit Code2040.
New Live Shows 
  • Burn Bryte Season 2 (featuring After Midnight) – Coming soon
  • Indie Showcase Season 2 – Coming soon
  • Balikbayan: Returning Home (powered by the apocalypse) – Begins 10/28/2020

Roll20’s 5th Annual Roll20Con Starts October 23


Roll20 is gearing up for the fifth annual Roll20Con on Friday, October 23 through Sunday, October 25. It’s an event all about gaming for a cause – three days of streaming, to be exact. Roll20 is once again celebrating the online TTRPG (tabletop role playing game) community with panels, discussions, and plenty of gaming. The first RPG built from the ground-up for Roll20 by Roll20, Burn Bryte has some surprises to share, too.

In partnership with Code2040, an organization dedicated to ending racial disparity in the tech industry, Roll20 will be matching community donations up to $50k during this weekend-long event. Fans can learn more about Code2040 and donate through the Tiltify campaign.

Dimension20 is headlining Roll20Con 2020, with their comedic D&D showtime slated for Saturday at 6pm PST. Other spotlights include Rivals of Waterdeep, Honey & Dice, Critical Role, Pixel Circus, Burn Bryte streams with lead designer James Introcaso, big Roll20 Announcements for 2021 and more. The full schedule will be available soon.

Also new this year; demos from numerous publishers, featuring games – like D&D Adventurer’s League, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Outbreak, Altered Carbon, Kids on Bikes, Alice is Missing, Alien, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Monster of the Week, Fate, and more – that showcase some of the new digital ways to play games online. While social distancing has forever impacted traditional “game nights”, new tools and innovations are helping connect players (and creators) in better ways than ever. 

Learn more about how Roll20 and Code2040 are bringing the industry together and gaming for good at Roll20Con 2020:

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