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Everything Epic is Bringing Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition to Kickstarter

Everything Epic has revealed Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition, their next Kickstarter.

Agents of SMERSH was originally released in 2021 and has agents racing across the globe to thwart the plans of the sinister Dr. Lobo. The game is for 1-4 players ages 13+. The game had a positive reception upon release receiving awards and positive reviews.

Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition is one of the largest narrative storytelling choose-your-own-adventure-like games of all time! With a 394-page Encounter Story Book and another over 120-page Epic Showdown Story Book, and 2000 encounters it’s one of the most replayable games ever! This “Epic Edition” also features updated art and edits.

You can sign up to receive a notification of the games’ launch.

Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage Has Arrived on Kickstarter with a 48 Hour “Gold Tier”

Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage

Privateer Press has launched Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage on Kickstarter. The game features a “Gold Level” tier available for just the first 48 hours.

This pledge tier will reward you with Gold level Prize Tickets and Bounty Tokens that you can use to get rewards from the Loot Vault in the post-campaign pledge manager!

Go all in with the full complement of new releases featured in the Chilly Con Carnage Kickstarter campaign, including the Boss Fight expansion, The Heist expansion, the Bounty Tokens expansion, Mekanolith, The Living Covenant, Tubbin, Widget – Mathlete Archaeologist and get both Dreyfus & Flubbin – Storm Patrol, Malvin – Revenge Artist, as well as the new Icy 3D Cooler, and Kommandog Barkevich totally free! You also receive all digital rewards and Treasure Stash Upgrades unlocked as we achieve the stretch goals of this campaign.

Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager.


  • Karchev and Deathjack: Malignant Fusion Boss Fight
  • The Heist Expansion
  • Bounty Tokens Expansion
  • Mekanolith
  • The Living Covenant
  • Tubbin
  • Widget, Mathlete Archaeologist
  • Dreyfus & Flubbin, Storm Patrol
  • Malvin, Revenge Artist
  • Icy 3D Cooler
  • Kommandog Barkevich, the Iron Woof
  • Gold Level Prize Tickets and Bounty Tokens
  • All Applicable Stretch Goals

There’s a lot of options whether you’re new to the game or a long-time player, Privateer Press has you covered. The campaign ends on May 6.

Explore the World of Warchief Gaming’s Auroboros

Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent

Warchief Gaming has launched a Kickstarter for Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent, a new roleplaying game set in the world of 5E. The campaign has blown past its goal on its first day guaranteeing this project will be funded.

Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent is a campaign setting for 5E by Chris Metzen and Warchief Gaming. The first release in this universe, “Worldbook: Lawbrand,” features the realm of Lawbrand. The new world is based on the world Metzen created in the 1980s and 1990s before he headed to Blizzard.

The book features over 100 pages of lore, 5 new races, 4 subclasses, new spells, magic items, bestiary, and more. New races include the Ma’ll, Desert Dwarf, Xu’Keen, Atsaad, and Salamar. Subclasses include Wildkeeper, Wraithblade, Way of Eminence, and Souleater.

You can get a digital copy of the book for $25 and a hardcover is at the $50 level. Other pledges involve GM Screen, maps, dice, and more. The campaign runs until May 21.

Hellboy: The Board Game is Getting Expansions and Dice Game through Kickstarter

Mantic Games has more to come for their popular Hellboy: The Board Game. While specifics are still coming, the game is getting four new expansions plus an all-new dice game based on the character and comics created by Mike Mignola.

Mantic launched the original campaign for Hellboy: The Board Game in April 2018. It went on to raise £1,454,343 from 12,716 backers. A follow-up roleplaying game based on the property was also Kickstarted in August 2020 raising £360,519 from 6,071 backers.

The campaign is coming soon and you can sign up to get notified.

Hellboy: The Board Game

A New Pathfinder Comic Comes to Kickstarter!

Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Inc. are launching a new Pathfinder comic book. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter and live right now with lots of cool extra content for fans!

Pathfinder: Fumbus is a 40-page standalone special issue starring the riotous eponymous goblin alchemist. The mischievous goblins of Pathfinder have always been one of the iconic roleplaying game’s most signature features, but now with the new Second Edition ruleset and the added alchemist class, Fumbus takes a starring role in his pursuit to join the Pathfinder Society. With appearances from characters like Seoni, Ezren, and more, it’s a chapter not to be missed!

Writer and lifelong tabletop RPG addict Fred Van Lente has worked closely with Paizo’s creative shepherds to craft this tale alongside returning Pathfinder artist Tom Garcia. They’re joined by the vivid colors of Vinicius Townsend, and lettering of Tom Napolitano.

Just like Dynamite’s previous Pathfinder titles, this comic book comes with extra content that will entice longtime fans of the RPG, with lore and scenario writing that can translate right to one’s next game night. Six whole pages of playable content, including new alchemical and magic items, rules for trapmaking, and a character sheet and stat block for Fumbus himself.

Those same great qualities make the world a perfect fit for comics books. Dynamite has worked closely with Paizo to produce comics for nearly a decade across 11 graphic novels. Many of Paizo’s top internal creatives like Erik Mona and F. Wesley Schneider have contributed to the titles, as well as top creators in the comics industry like Jim Zub (Avengers, Conan the Barbarian), Crystal Frasier (Immortal Hulk, Cheer Up), and Carlos Gomez (Red Sonja, America Chavez). As part of the Kickstarter pledge options, fans can stock up on the previous comics as well.

For collectors, Dynamite is offering a fun glow in the dark version of Tom Garcia’s cover, as well as a limited character sheet variant. Fan-favorite artist Ken Haeser is also doing sketch covers and remark sketches. Those looking for the ultimate Pathfinder haul can turn to the deluxe set, which comes packed with an exclusive custom D20 die, CGC graded copies of the comics, a character trading card, a set of graphic novels, and the gorgeous Seoni statue.

Pathfinder: Fumbus

Rollacrit Announces The Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter

Sorry dragons, but the best thing that goes with dungeons is drinking and a new board game promises to bring the two together in a way you’ve never seen before. Heroes of Barcadia is a newly announced board game published by, a tabletop lifestyle brand from a team of former ronin. Heroes of Barcadia was inspired by a past April Fool’s day product, but this time it’s no prank. The game is for real, and the Kickstarter for the full version launches soon along with a digital edition on Roll20!

In Heroes of Barcadia, two to six players take on the roles of Barcadian champions to battle monsters and bosses, collect Power-Ups with mystical abilities, and race to collect the elusive Drink Hoard hidden in the dungeon! There is a special twist to this drinking game: your character’s health is measured by the liquid in your cup. Getting hit by a monster forces you to take a drink, slowly sipping down your health pool until it’s back to square one.

With the design of the game and prototype finished, Rollacrit will be launching a Kickstarter to help fund the production and distribution of the project. Visit and sign up to be notified when the campaign begins. If you sign up now, you’ll also receive an exclusive Power-Up in your copy of the game when you back it. Love a good party game but not close enough to play them with your friends? No problem! Rollacrit will be releasing the game on Roll20 after the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal!

Want to know how to play?

Heroes of Barcadia features a fun and cartoony art style, with dozens of unique monsters like The Wicked Witch of the Yeast, Hopgoblins, and the fearsome Mimosasaurus. The game mixes luck of the dice with strategic decisions in a ruleset that’s easy to pick up but still allows for higher-level play. The dungeon itself is tile based and built by the players at the start of each game, making each session different for a high level of replayability.

Choose from Barcadian champions like Sir Drankalot the Inebriated, or Intoxica the Necromixer, taking their character glasses and moving them around the board, revealing dungeon tiles and fighting monsters in your search for the Drink Hoard. Use devious Loot Cards to ruin your opponent’s plans, all the while making sure your Health Bar Cup doesn’t run dry. Nice guys finish last in this fast-paced, ever-changing, pun-tastic party game for fantasy and beverage connoisseurs alike.

The first player to defeat the Grand Drink Guardian and secure the Drink Hoard is crowned the true hero of Barcadia and wins the game! In the end, only one hero may claim the treasure, so it’s a scramble to mess up your opponents’ plans while keeping your own character on the right path.

The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns… to Kickstarter

Cryptozoic Entertainment and DC Comics have launched the Kickstarter campaign for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – The Game.

Crafted by acclaimed game designers Morgan Dontanville and Daryl Andrews to be accessible to hardcore and casual gamers alike, your skills will be tested across four missions, each featuring their own unique rules, allies, abilities, and epic boss battles. With variable set-up and endless combinations of Fight and Detective cards, each playthrough will throw unique resources and challenges at you.

The Dark Knight Returns is likely the most beloved Batman story ever told. Writer/artist Frank Miller’s four-issue series from 1986 was a watershed moment in comics, as it brought a dark and cinematic feel to the medium. Every Batman story since then owes something to it. 

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – The Game is for ages 14 and up and will be offered in Base Game and Deluxe Edition formats, with the Deluxe Edition featuring 17+ miniature figures and coming in a slick Kickstarter-exclusive slipcase that will look incredible on your bookshelf next to your premium board games and special edition books!

The base game costs $60 while the deluxe edition is $99. The campaign runs until March 19 at 5pm ET.

Batman: Dark Knight Returns - the Game miniatures

The Gunslinging World of High Noon Comes to Kickstarter in March

High Noon Game Inc. has announced the release of its highly anticipated, tactical card-based miniatures combat board game, High Noon on Kickstarter in March. Set in an immersive and cutthroat turn of the century Wild West world, the goal of the game is to achieve dominance playing as the gunslingers from the World of High Noon, known as “posses”, each has a unique playstyle and strength. The player with the most gold at the end of 12 rounds wins. High Noon will be available via Kickstarter for 30 days with the goal of raising $60,000. 

High Noon‘s gameplay is unique, simple, and requires no dice. All movement and actions are baked into the cards, character sheets, and phases of each turn. There are three types of cards you can draw in the game, Basic, Special, and Loot cards. Basic cards have attack and defense values on them. Special cards have additional values and further instructions on them that explain how and when to play them and what they do. Loot cards can either include extra weapons, armor, or modifying gear to make the characters who possess them stronger or give them a temporary boost in a last-ditch effort to score!

Unlike other board games, High Noon is ever-expanding. The board consists of beautifully designed tiles that represent buildings, roads, and various terrain, which can be arranged in any formation, ensuring no two games are ever alike. Throughout the game, players control groups of characters known as “posses” using multiple decks of cards. Each deck is unique to each team, giving them special abilities to use while attacking their opponents. To entice further actions, every battlefield is filled with crates of randomized loot that players can equip and customize their characters with. Additionally, new posses are introduced as the story of the High Noon Universe evolves, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles. Players can collect them all or choose their favorites, providing for a unique and versatile play experience with no wrong way to pick your posse and dominate the board.   

The High Noon Starter Set can be played with two to four players (or more with expansions!) at a time and is for ages nine and up. With the campaign launching, backers are encouraged to support the campaign now on Kickstarter as its success decides the size and scope of the retail roll-out. The Kickstarter campaign is packed with expansion packs, each of which adds value and changes the gameplay. Many of these expansions will be available as stretch goals while others are included in the campaign’s pledge levels. This allows players to customize their experience even more every time they play. With miniatures, game tiles, chips, tokens, and cards, each expansion pack is full of new content and assets.

High Noon has developed awesome Kickstarter-exclusive Loot cards, which everyone who supports the Kickstarter campaign will get for free as each stretch goal is unlocked. Each unlocked stretch goal will also be made available as an optional buy. If all of the stretch goals are unlocked, in total, there will be 50 Kickstarter exclusive cards that will add new weapons, ammo, and outfits to the game.

Blood Red Skies Digital Edition is Now Live on Kickstarter

DieCast Digital is Kickstarting a digital edition of the Warlord Games tabletop miniature game Blood Red Skies. In it, you command a squadron of Second World War aircraft as they engage in tense tactical aerial engagements with up to 18 aircraft per side.

Playable in single-player against a cunning AI, or head-to-head online, the game features an engaging combination of unit level strategy and action card play. The title faithfully captures the true cut and thrust of WW2 aerial combat.

The Blood Red Skies Digital Edition is available at the £25 (about $36) level. Other pledges include miniatures for the tabletop game including Kickstarter exclusive models.

The campaign ends on March 22 and has a goal of $84,090.

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