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Privateer Press’ Las Vegas Open 2020 Prereleases


  • 51902 Ashlynn d’Liberty (Monsterpocalypse Statue of Liberty alt sculpt and WARMACHINE Ashlynn d’Elyse alt sculpt) – $18
  • 51901 Sergeant Titanica  – $22
  • 33903 Lady Doom Reaver – $15
  • 74901 Zaal, the Ancestral Eye – $26
  • 92049 Legendary Series Totem Huntress – $35

Riot Quest Prereleases


  • 63001 Riot Quest Starter Box – $50
  • 63002 Black Bella, Duchess of Dread (Fighter) – $13
  • 63003 Boomhowler, Solo Artist (Gunner) – $18
  • 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh (Scout) – $12
  • 63005 J.A.I.M.s (Guard) – $1563006 Gorman the Mad (Rogue) – $14
  • 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire (Specialist) – $12
  • 63008 Orsus the Chained (Fighter) – $20
  • 63009 Captain Crawtooth (Fighter) – $20
  • 63010 Wolf With No Name (Scout) – $20


  • 63011 Ledfoot & Tredz (Gunner) – $30
  • 63012 Boss MacHorn (Guard) – $20
  • 63013 Destructotron 3000 (Gunner) – $20
  • 63014 Master Gurglepox (Specialist) – $25
  • 63015 Spawn Gate Expansion – $35
  • 63016 Treasure Chest Expansion – $35
  • 63019 Doctor Stygius (Specialist) – $18
  • 63020 Scythe (Gunner) – $17

Monsterpocalypse Prereleases


  • 51078 Steel Shell Crabs and Psi-Eel – Triton Units – $30
  • 51079 Mollock Brutes and Mollock Berserker – Subterran Units – $33
  • 51080 Incinerus – Elemental Champions Monster – $24
  • 51081 Xixorax – Savage Swarm Monster – $27

Warmachine/Hordes Prereleases


  • 41170 Legion of Lost Souls, Mercenary Unit – $80
  • 41172 Thamarite Advocate, Mercenary Solo – $16

Las Vegas Open 2020: The White Scars’ Qin Xa Revealed Plus New Forge World Rules

At the Las Vegas Open 2020, Games Workshop has revealed Qin Xa of the White Scars! There’s more to come about the Master of Keshig.

Qin Xa

Also announced is that Forge World’s indexes are being updated. All-new books with updated rules for units and armies are being worked on which means the current indexes are going away. Pick them up now if you want any!

Las Vegas Open 2020: Teclis and the Lumineth Aelves and Seraphon

The Las Vegas Open 2020 is underway and Games Workshop has a bunch of reveals. For Age of Sigmar, the Aelves, the Lumineth Realm-lords are the big news. The classic High Elves get an update with Teclis leading the charge.

Vanari Auralan Wardens are the classic High Elf Spearmen with lots of details.

Vanari Auralan Wardens

Vanari Dawnriders are formidable cavalry mounted on horses to charge the battlefield.

Vanari Dawnriders

The Light of Eltharion is a stunning miniature… it’s hollow! WTF!?

Light of Eltharion

And of course, Teclis gets a new model that’s a worthy return for the character to Warhammer. Teclis features Celennar, Spirit of Hysh!


There’s even more to come!

That’s not all for Age of Sigmar

The Seraphon are getting a new battletome! You’ll now get allegiance abilities, sub-faction rules, and more.


There’s also an exploration of the origin of the Seraphon including an exploration of the Starborne and how the Seraphon are chaning into the Coalesced.


Las Vegas Open 2020: New Adeptus Mechanicus and Gaz is Back!

The Las Vegas Open 2020 is underway and Games Workshop has a bunch of reveals. For Warhammer 40K, the Adeptus Mechanicus are getting reinforcements!

Say hello to Serberys Sulphurhounds and skirmishers Serberys Raiders a new unit of cyber-beasts to take into battle!

Serberys Sulphurhounds
Serberys Raiders

You’ll also take to the sky with Pteraxii. You’ll drop in to take out key targets allowing the rest of your troops to advance.


Both new units, along with the Archaeopter, will be in Psychic Awakening: Engine War which will feature Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, Adpetus Mechanicus, and Daemons of Chaos.

But that’s not all!

Ghazghkull Thraka is back! Along with Makari, the Orks are going to be getting their iconic leader soon!

Knight Models Kicks Off the Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition and More for Black Friday

Knight Models has launched the third edition of their Batman Miniature Game for Black Friday. The company is also running free shipping as well as exclusive miniatures available until December 2nd. Miniatures include a previously released exclusives as well as new miniatures for the Harry Potter Miniature Game and BMG 3rd Edition. The new miniature is Batman as Bane, a pretty impressive figure that goes for $45. That figure along with the new edition will cross the free shipping threshold, a cost-prohibitive addition for many in the past.

Batman Miniature Game: Back to Gotham retails for $170 and includes 16 miniature, markers, scenery, rulebook, quick start guide, 130 cards, and dice. The game company promises faster gameplay, “more lethal,” and that it’s easier to learn.

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