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Unboxing: Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Premium Box 1

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium is finally available in the United States and Canada! We open up and show off the second box for subscribers.

The fifth kit not only features four new magazines and bonus, but for those who upgrade, the first Premium Kit!

Filled with the forces of Chaos, see what’s inside and the estimated value!

Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer – $31
Chaos Space Marines Squad – $60
Greater Chaos Space Marines Possessed – ~$35

Total – $126


Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Contrast Paints, Necromunda, Blood Bowl made-to-order, and Horus Heresy!

Games Workshop has revealed what’s coming with next week’s pre-order. For those excited about the expansion of their paint line, you’ll be pleased.

Contrast Paints receive 25 new hues to add to your hobby table. This new round features fiery reds and oranges, icy blues, and vibrant greens and purples.

Contrast Paints

Joining them are Shades. All Shades have been reformatted to flow better into recesses decreasing the amount on flat surfaces. There are also seven new Shade paints being added to the range!


Also being released is White Scar Spray. It’s a bright white undercoat to start your model. It adds another option from the already existing cool white and creamy base from other sprays.

White Scar Spray

For Necromunda, you can get a Thatos Pattern Hab Modules Transfer Sheet.

Thatos Pattern Hab Modules Transfer Sheet

White Dwarf 478 features expanded rules for terrain in Kill Team and a new series of articles for the new edition of The Horus Heresy!

White Dwarf 478

Blood Bowl gets a trio of Made to Order. Get classic models like trophies, Chaos mutants, and Skaven mutants!

Finally Warhammer: The Horus Heresy gets accessories for Dark Angels and Iron Warriors.

Black Library has one offer, the Soulslayer audiobook, Gotrek’s latest misadventures in the Mortal Realms.


Conquest’s Old Dominion Wave 3 is here!

The Bone Golems

In their quest for knowledge the Dark Creed uncovered many secrets best left alone. prime among them was the fact that the very stones of Capitas were soaked with so much death and so much of Hazlia’s essence during the Fall that all they need to heed their master’s call to murder the living was a simple motivating consciousness… These massive constructs cause terror on the battlefield, their massive forms soaking unbelievable levels of damage as their massive limbs scythe through enemy formations.

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

The Bone Golems

Old Dominion: Strategos

A Strategos is the supreme commander of a Dominion Legion, a master of men who commanded the absolute loyalty of his troops, serving as their temporal and spiritual leader while on campaign. His mastery was one of strategy and diplomacy, allowing his officers, the ten Xhiliarchs who served under him to focus on logistics, tactics and the disposition of the troops. Entombed with all the pomp and ceremony one could expect, their awakening into an unlife of service is complete with misery and loss, for unlike the lesser order they not only retain their cognitive function, but memories from before. This makes them a double edged sword for those who would seek to command them: while one of the easiest and most efficient ways to secure the performance and power of an awakened Legion, the Strategoi are no unthinking minions to command. Their cognitive function and memories have allowed them to retain their personalities and with it, ambition.

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

Old Dominion: Strategos

Old Dominion: Optio

Second in command to the Centarchos, the lowest ranked officer minted by the Collegia of the Old Dominion, the Optio is a stern, experienced veteran whose responsibility it is than an officer’s orders be obeyed… or ignored. When the Imperial Legions were born, veteran commanders quickly realized they needed a link, a lynchpin between the professional officer corps being produced by the Colleges and the veteran legionnaires that formed the backbone of all Legions.

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

Old Dominion: Optio

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness begins!

They said it was coming in June and Games Workshop is starting things early with an extended pre-order launch for Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness. The new “core” game launches this coming Saturday with a load of releases to go with it.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – The Age of Darkness launches with a box set packed with everything you need to start. It’ll be available in English, French, and German. Within the box, you get 54 plastic miniatures, enough for two forces or one giant one. It includes 2 Legion Praetors, 10 Cataphractii Terminators, 40 highly customizable Tactical Space Marines in Mk VI power armor, one Contemptor Dreadnought, and one Spartan Assault Tank. All the miniatures except the Terminators are new models.

Also features is a 336-page hardback rulebook, 36-page construction guide, introductory army lists, and two four-page rules reference sheets.

There’s also 20 six-sided dice, two blast templates, one flame template, two classic red plastic measuring sticks, and a transfer sheet.

If you order the set directly from the Games Workshop webstore, you’ll also get an exclusive reaction token and card set (while supplies last). That’s eight metal tokens and a deck of eight cards to keep track of the game’s six reactions and two advance reactions.

You’ll be able to expand your game with the Liber Astartes. This Loyalist bible features rules, lore, unit profiles for each of the nine Legion Astartes that remained loyal. The 344-page hardback is packed with everything you need to dive further into your loyalist force and will be available in English, French, and German.

Liber Astartes

For those looking to topple the Emperor, you’ll want to get The Liber Hereticus. The 352-page hardback contains the full roster rules, and background for all nine Traitor Legions. It’ll be available in English, French, and German.

The Liber Hereticus

The Legiones Astartes Special Weapons Upgrade Set allows you to upgrade your squads into Legion Tactical Support Squads. The set contains 10 weapons each of six types – flamers, plasma guns, meltaguns, rotor cannons, volkite chargers, and volkite calivers.

Legiones Astartes Special Weapons Upgrade Set

The Legiones Astartes Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set (Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters) delivers a bit more punch featuring 10 missile launchers, 10 heavy bolters, and associated arms.

Legiones Astartes Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set (Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters)

Expand your force with the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank. There’s three options for the turret gun, four apiece for the hull weapons and the sponsons, nine choices of pintle gun, plus dozer blades, searchlights, and gunners. There’s also a datasheet for you to field it in your games of Warhammer 40,000!

Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

The Deimos Pattern Rhino will get your squad into battle a bit quicker and with some protection.

Deimos Pattern Rhino

Expand your force with the Mk III Tactical Squad. Repackaged for the new edition, it features 20 multipose Legion Astartes.

Mk III Tactical Squad

How about the Mk IV Tactical Squad instead? It features 20 Space Marines for your force.

Mk IV Tactical Squad

Thousand Sons get some early help with Ahzek Ahriman, the Chief Librarian. Originally released in the Burning of Prospero set, the plastic model will be available on its own for the first time.

Ahzek Ahriman

Keep track of the entire Imperium with the Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind. It’s printed on a massive 1,000mm x 890mm fold-out poster, and it’s the essential guide to the galactic state of play.

Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind

Get The Horus Heresy Legion Transfer Sheets to make your Legion stand out a little more. Each contains more than 500 decals.

The Horus Heresy Legion Transfer Sheets

Show off your loyalty to your legion with The Horus Heresy Legion Dice. The sets feature 20 six-sided dice, one is a scatter die. There’s also the Legion emblem where the six should be.

The Horus Heresy Legion Dice

There’ll be In-store Swag to celebrate. Head to your local Warhammer store for lodge coins, keyrings, pin badges, and vehicle damage counters and some independent stores will have them too.

In-store Swag

Forge World is getting in on the action.

The Primarchs are being repackaged for the new edition. You can get these resin figures to help lead your force.

Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Mk VI Heads and Shoulder Pads will allow you to build your Legion and each features 11 resin heads and 10 sculpted shoulder pads for every Legion. The Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus are the first two to be released.

The Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game is getting releases with the highlight being Grimbeorn. You’ll get this leader of the Beormings as well as the bear he can turn into.


You’ll also be able to get Beornings, hardy people who are also a strong, tough, and fierce force.


From Black Library comes a few releases.

Cthonia’s Reckoning (Special edition/Hardback/eBook/MP3) is an anthology featuring seven all-new short stories – Sons of Cthonia by John French, To the Last by Michael F Haspil, The Gangs Beneath by Gary Kloster, The Flesh Harvest by Nicholas Wolf, Traitor’s Faith by Noah Van Nguyen, For Hate’s Sake by Gav Thorpe, and Postulant by Chris Forrester.

Cthonia’s Reckoning

Lupercal’s War features 21 short stories and an introduction to the Horus Heresy.

Lupercal’s War

You’ll also be able to get The Horus Heresy Bookmark.

The Horus Heresy Bookmark

In French, you can get Cthonia’s Reckoning and Sons of the Emperor: An Anthology.

In German, you can get Horus Heresy Omnibus VIII.

Horus Heresy Omnibus VIII

Para Bellum reveals the W’adrhŭn Hunting Pack

Para Bellum Games, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and the Narrative Skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, is unleashing a swarm of miniatures in a single regiment’s release! The W’adrhŭn faction, which tackles the orc archetype in an awe-inspiring dino-riding concept, will see the “Hunting Pack” join their forces, a regiment of multitudes of smaller-sized dinosaurs standing in place of a medium-sized, cavalry regiment. The result is a threatening throng of bloodthirsty little jaws rushing to meet the enemy!

In a stark contrast to other dinosaur releases of the faction, the Hunting Pack proves that not all beasts employed by the W’adrhun are hulking monstrosities that dominate the battlefield. The Hunting Packs of the “uzibukhali” (smart claw) underline just how menacing small critters can be, when what dominates their physique are alarmingly large open jaws. Adding a light, mainstay cavalry unit to the arsenal of W’adrhŭn warlords, while providing a wide canvas to explore different color schemes and variations of a theme to eager hobbyists, the Hunting Pack is bound to bring life to the table and spread fear on the battlefield!

The Hunting is available on Pre-Order and will hit the shelves of your local FLGS in mid June of 2022 with an MSRP of 49.99/47.99 USD/EU. Each box will have 18 plastic dinosaurs, on 3 brute/cavalry bases to create an awesome affect on tables, and create real value for the gamer and hobbyist alike.

Corvus Belli reveals The Marked for Warcrow Adventures

Warcrow is a brand-new classic fantasy atmosphere featuring recognizable elements from the genre but, at the same time, including new ideas created by Corvus Belli. Elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs will coexist with totally new races. It is classic fantasy with the Corvus Belli touch.

Now, Corvus Belli has revealed The Marked!

The marked are humans who belong to the nation Scions of Yaldabaoth whose bodies have been modified to serve the elves that guide them through the fog.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Head to Moroch in Kill Team, Chaos Knights await, and expand your Necromunda Ash Wastes

Head to the future with Kill Team, Warhammer 40K, and Necromunda in Games Workshop‘s pre-orders next week.

Kill Team gets a new box set with Kill Team: Moroch. The battle in the Nachmund Gauntlet continues as Chaos forces battle Imperial Space Marines. The box set features warband of Militarum Traitoris as well as Phobos Strike Team.

It features 22 miniatures making up two kill teams. There are 12 Blooded members of the traitor guard and 10 Phobos Space Marines. It also features the new Battlezone: Fronteris terrain to battle over and new rules for the Auspex Shrine, Landing Pad, and Vox Antenna. The set also features a 96-page rulebook, double-sided game board, and 279-piece Space Marine transfer sheet.

You’ll also be able to get Kill Team Blooded and Phobos Strike Team Dice. Declare your allegiance with these sets featuring 20 dice each.

Kill Team Blooded and Phobos Strike Team Dice

Codex: Chaos Knights is now available on its own after being released in the special army box set. This is essential to bring these engines of war to the tabletop. You’ll be able to get the regular or collector’s edition.

Codex: Chaos Knights

The Chaos Knight Abominant will be available in its solo debut and allows you to make an Abominant, Desecrator, or Rampager.

Chaos Knight Abominant

The War Dogs box features two to add to your force. You can build two of the three possible War Dog variants, like the Karnivore, Stalker, or Brigand.

 War Dogs

Keep track of it all with Chaos Knights Datacards. The 50 cards include 32 generic Chaos Knights strategems, six unique stratagems for the named Dread Households, and five core stratagems, as well as six Warp Storm psychic power, and a copy of Smite!

Chaos Knights Datacards

For those in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll finally be able to get Tyranids. Codex: Tyranids, Combat Patrol: Tyranids, The Parasite of Mortrex, Tyranid Datacards, and the Tyranids Dice Set are all finally arriving.


The Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module is a bit larger than the ones found in the Necromunda: Ash Wastes set but mixes perfectly with the other kit.

Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module

The Thatos Pattern Hab Module is available on its own after debuting in the Necromunda: Ash Wastes set.

Thatos Pattern Hab Module

Finally, the Thatos Pattern Platform and Walkways will keep you off the dangerous ground and give you some line of sight advantage when defending or attacking.

Thatos Pattern Platform and Walkways

Games Workshop Pre-Orders: Warcry, Adeptus Custodes, and Echoes of Doom Highlight this weekend

This week’s pre-orders are up on Games Workshop‘s website and features a mix of releases.

For Age of Sigmar, the latest battlebox is available, Echoes of Doom! It pits Skaven against the Sylvaneth. It’s also the first time you can get the Lady of Vines, Gossamid Archers, and Skaven Deathmaster.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $195 | Flipside Gaming – $165.75

Echoes of Doom

The Echoes of Doom – Sylvaneth Collection features that box set, a Start Collecting Sylvaneth, and an art print for $325.

Echoes of Doom – Sylvaneth Collection

The Echoes of Doom-Doom – Skaven Collection is similar but instead as a Start Collecting Skaven Pestilens and the art print. It’s also $325.

Echoes of Doom-Doom – Skaven Collection

For Warhammer 40K, the Adeptus Custodes get some overdue releases. You can get the Combat Patrol: Adeptus Custodes to help start your force or expand your current one.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $150 | Flipside Gaming – $127.50

Combat Patrol: Adeptus Custodes

The Adeptus Custodes Blade Champion is available on its own for the first time.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $38 | Flipside Gaming – $32.30

Blade Champion

Wreak havoc with your Genestealer Cult army and the Reductus Saboteur. Available for the first time on her own.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $35 | Flipside Gaming – $29.75

 Reductus Saboteur

Expand your games of Warcry with the Ravage Lands: Varanite Syphon Camp. Fight over the claustrophobic mines of the Eightpoints with this modular terrain kit. It contains 11 pieces of Chaos-themed industrial terrain.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $112 | Flipside Gaming – $95.20

Ravage Lands: Varanite Syphon Camp

The Darkoath Savagers allow you to smash your opponents with enormous weapons to win the favor of the gods. Add them to your Slaves to Darkness army!

Purchase: Games Workshop – $60 | Flipside Gaming – $51

Darkoath Savagers

The Tarantulos Brood is a spider-worshipping warband. Ensnare your opponents with venomous weapons and deadly swarms!

Purchase: Games Workshop – $60 | Flipside Gaming – $51

Tarantulos Brood

From Black Library, Godsbane by Dale Lucas has Thelana Evenfall, a Lumineth loreseeker in Settler’s Gain, rediscovering a weapon created to defend mere mortals from capricious gods.

Purchase: Games Workshop – $27 | Flipside Gaming – $27


There’s a new made-to-order print of demand for Horus Heresy books. The Horus Heresy Print on Demand Collection 10 is available for $142.50 or get Ruinstorm, Old Earth, The Burden of Loyalty, Wolfsbane, or Born of Flame for $30 each.

Finally, show off your loyalty with Space Marine helmet keyrings from Semic. You can choose from Ultramarines, Blood Angels MKVII, or Primaris for $10.99 a piece.

The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness Gets Chapter Specific Upgrades

The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness is going to be released soon and the latest reveal is chapter specific upgrades. Each chapter will get unique sets of heads and shoulder pads.

The first sets revealed are for the VII Legion, Imperial Fists!

The MKVI Heads upgrade set features 11 detailed resin helmets. There will be three sets each of three different designs, plus one helmet with a transverse crest for Praetors and Sergeants, and one bare head.

Also coming are shoulder pads. This set features 10 resin pauldrons with five designs.

What will be interesting is how well they might fit with First Born Space Marines. It looks like Horus Heresy figures are a bit larger than the classic figures but, it still might work. We’ll have to wait and see!

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