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Para Bellum Reveals a Limited Edition W’adrhŭn Preview Figure Plus the Servite

The W’adrhŭn are coming to Conquest and Para Bellum Wargames has a limited edition figure to preview off the new faction.

Coming March 22, you can pre-order the preview edition of the Scion of Conquest. The figure is available for pre-order now and retails for $24.

Scion of Conquest

The Order of the Sealed Temple’s strength is not limited to their warriors. The Servite helps guide and support forces adding +1 to March and Resolve.

The Hundred Kingdoms: Servite is available for pre-order now and retails for $24.

Hundred Kingdoms: Servite

And, for those waiting for the German version of the rulebooks, you can get them now. Download German translations of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood.

Death Zone Returns to Blood Bowl and Brings More OPtions to the Pitch

Blood Bowl: Death Zone

When it comes to Blood Bowl, the words “Death Zone” have a special meaning. Death Zone has been the title to numerous expansions to the game bringing new rules and ways to play. Games Workshop has revealed Blood Bowl: Death Zone, which will do exactly that for the second season edition.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is the first major supplement for the game bringing with it a wide variety of rules and additions to the tabletop miniature game.

Within Blood Bowl: Death Zone, coaches will find a variety of Mercenary players. Not as well known as Star Players, they can bring crucial skills to teams to fill in a weak spot on the roster. Mercenary players are in five broad categories with a lot of options.

Also featured within Blood Bowl: Death Zone are new environments to play your matches. You can take your games deep underground or play in a frozen blizzard.

The popular “Sevens” comes to Blood Bowl: Death Zone as well. The game is a fun variant for Blood Bowl perfect to bring in new players, practice, or some fun. Sevens features smaller teams and a smaller pitch. With a “smaller” format, the game is faster to set up and play.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone Sevens

Blood Bowl: Death Zone also features new inducements, options for various types of stadiums, unique balls, special match events, and more!

We’ll have more updates as they’re revealed.

The Old Dominion is Coming to Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, revealed the decision the Conquest Community reached on its “Project 6” event through the Living World platform. The event had five rounds of voting, based on constantly released information about three candidate factions: the Weavers – a twisted variation of the fantasy archetype of wood-elves; the City States – a fantasy technomantic faction inspired by Ancient Greece; and the Old DominionConquest’s take on the undead archetype. With a dominant lead, the Old Dominion was the decisive winner of the vote.

The winner, the Old Dominion, is Conquest’s take on the undead-archetype, with Byzantine and Roman influences in their design. Spawned by the amalgamation of Hazlia, humanity’s fallen god of old, with the Horseman Death, the undead of the Old Dominion are neither infinite in number nor mindless creations. Fueled by the Will of Hazlia, his faithful revel in their un-life, plotting to convert their living descendants to the one, true faith of their Un-God. Reflecting the lore in the game, the Old Dominion is expected to be an elite-type army on the table, with individuals gaining strength as the army’s numbers diminish and Hazlia’s Will is more and more concentrated and focused.

Coming in Q1 2022, the Old Dominion will be the sixth faction of Conquest, following the dinosaur-riding W’adrhŭn (the fifth faction) shipping next month!

The Old Dominion

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is coming to Tabletops

Modiphius has unveiled the official Elder Scrolls: Skyrim board game coming later this year – a co-op game for 1-4 players setting you on a path for epic adventures across Skyrim! You can sign up for more info on the project page.

The game publisher has also announced two brand new releases for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms tabletop wargame, with a fearsome Skeleton Horde come to boost the forces of the undead, plus the Reserve Dice set to replace the card Stamina, Magicka, and Health tokens.

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms: Skeleton Horde and Reserve Dice Set are available as part of the Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Collection.

Skeleton Horde

The creaking bones of the unquiet dead herald the approach of the Skeleton Horde. Necromancers animate the remains of those long dead, and ancient oaths keep fallen warriors from their final slumber. Three SKELETON WARRIORS with sword and shield challenge your Heroes and beware the SKELETON AXEMEN with their fearsome ancient greataxes, capable of downing the toughest of foes.

  • 3 x Skeletons Warriors
  • 3 x Skeleton Axemen
Skeleton Horde

Reserve Dice

This set of dice replaces the card Stamina, Magicka and Health tokens from the Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms core set with 18 colour coded 12mm dice in six each of Green, Blue and Red. For use with Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms Miniatures Core Rules. This set contain 18 12mm dice for use as replacements for the card tokens in The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms core set: Features:

  • 6 x 12mm Blue Magicka Dice
  • 6 x 12mm Red Health Dice
  • 6 x 12mm Green Stamina Dice
Reserve Dice

Kill Team Returns as the Heroes of Indomitus Break Out for their Own Release

Games Workshop‘s latest pre-orders are up and fans of the world of 40K will be happy. Kill Team returns with an update and new releases while the heroes of the Indomitus box are split out into their own releases as well.

Kill Team: Pariah Nexus brings the game back to the tabletop with updated rules and Space Marines and Necrons to battle it out. The game includes two teams, scenery, and a game board. Everything you need to play for $160. The box is a bit more focused on close combat and is the first opportunity to get Flayed Ones and the Chronomancer for your Necron forces.

Kill Team: Pariah Nexus

Joining the new games is Kill Team: Killzones, a new book retailing for $40. The book gives rules on six environments, 24 missions, and 96 tactics.

Enivronments include:

  • Death World Forests
  • Sector Mechanicus
  • Sector Munitorum
  • Wall of Martyrs
  • Sector Fronteris
  • Sector Sanctoris

Each set of killzone rules includes:

  • An environment table
  • Two narrative play missions (for a total of 12 in the book)
  • Two matched play missions (for a total of 12 in the book)
  • 12 Tactics (for a total of 96 in the book)
Kill Team: Killzones

Also released are three Killzone environments to battle on, each is $100. You can choose from Kill Team Killzone: Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion, Kill Team Killzone: Sector Munitorum Environment Expansion, and Kill Team Killzone: Sector Mechanicus Environment Expansion.

Warhammer 40,000 also gets two releases, each repackaged miniatures from the Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus box.

You can get the Space Marines: Honoured of the Chapter for $140. It features:

  • 1x Primaris Chaplain
  • 1x Judiciar
  • 1x Bladeguard Ancient
  • 3x Bladeguard Veterans
  • 3x Eradicators
Space Marines: Honoured of the Chapter

The Necrons Royal Court allows you to expand your Necron forces for $110. The box set comes with:

  • 1x Skorpekh Lord
  • 1x Canoptek Reanimator
  • 1x Plasmancer
  • 2x Cryptothralls
Necrons Royal Court

Games Workshop, Can’t Decide What’s in the Kill Team Killzone Expansions

This week sees the return of Games Workshop‘s Kill Team with Kill Team: Pariah Nexus updating the game so it fits a bit more into the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. WIth the release of the main game comes a “rerelease” of three Killzones, but are they a release or is it bait and switch?

Below are the three Killzones, Sector Munitorum, Sector Mechanicus, and Sector Fronteris. Each is designed to allow players to change up their games of Kill Team with easy to collect and set up scenery. These are what were originally released at about $75 a box. These were the boxes shown on the Warhammer Community website as of February 27, the day of release. It’s also what was shown in a February 23rd article.

Below is what’s shown on the Games Workshop website for pre-order list for $100. These are also the images available on the Games Workshop retailer site for promotion.

Notice some differences?

While the updated Sector Fronteris looks like it comes with a few more pieces, the other two are missing some major aspects. Sector Mechanicus is missing its large platform, which is replaced with maybe a few more pipes? The Sector Munitorum is missing its big piece as well, the crane like vehicle. Instead, there seems to be more boxes and barrels, again maybe.

Overall, the boxes and what’s displayed on the Games Workshop community website is different than what’s up for pre-order on the Games Workshop webstore. Expect some angry stores and customers who will say it’s bait and switch, what’s been advertised up to this point doesn’t seem like what’s actually being sold. It’s less for more and that never goes over well.

Forge World Delivers New Additions for Your Necromunda Games

Forge World has two new releases for Necromunda available for pre-order.

Expand your Orlock gang with the Orlock Champion and Gangers. The pack of three figures is $33. The three figures feature a chainsaw and stub gun, heavy bolter and knife, and autogun, and can be used as champions and gangers.

Orlock Champion and Gangers

Rattus Tatterskin, House Cawdor Hive Scum claims to have spoken with the spirit of the Emperor, who he says inhabits the body of a gigantic rat deep in the depths of the underhive. The character is armed with a heavy stubber and flak armor, retailing for $30. Rules for the character are included in the pack.

Rattus Tatterskin, House Cawdor Hive Scum

Knight Models Reveals New Court of Owls and Teases Batman ’66

Knight Models has revealed and teased new releases for the Batman Miniature Game. The Court of Owls is getting a new miniature for the faction and a teaser has been released hinting at the return of Batman ’66.

The Court of Owls is a relatively new and popular group of villains in the Batman universe. The Court of Owls is made up of influencers, the rich and powerful, in Gotham who have manipulated the city behind the scenes since its founding.

Court of Owls

It also looks like Batman ’66 is returning to the game as well.

Miniatures Go Artisan with Para Bellum Wargame’s New Conquest Line

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, revealed the first release in their “Artisan” series. The series made its debut with the “dual-kit”: the kit offers an alternate to the existing miniature of the Dweghom Raegh Character and the Dweghom Exemplar Command Upgrade model as an alternate assembly option.

The Artisan series debut brings a massive change to the original miniature of the Dweghom Raegh Character, who now comes equipped with huge pauldrons, reflecting the Raegh’s amassed “Aghm”, his worth in Dweghom society. As a candidate for the same role in the future, the Exemplar alternate assembly option offers a single such pauldron and alternate weaponry, reflecting the promise the Exemplar holds for the Dweghom Hold.

The Artisan Series Raegh/Exemplar dual kit offers:

  • An entirely different miniature to the existing for the Dweghom Raegh.
  • A Dweghom Exemplar Command Upgrade miniature as an alternate assembly option.
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