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Warcradle’s April Releases Includes New Dystopian Wars and Lost World Exodus

Warcradle has revealed three new releases for April that are available for pre-order now. You can get new units for your games of Dystopian Wars and Lost World Exodus.

Ning Jing Battlefleet Set

Pair this battlefleet set with the Rules & Gubbins boxed set to get started with the Empire.

Includes seven multi-part plastic and resin miniatures, with various build options for Battleships and Cruisers.

Contents: 1x Ning Jing Class Battleship (The Battleship can alternatively be built as a Yangtze Class) 2x Jian Class Cruisers (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Dao, Meru or Wusong Class) 4x Shanghai Class Frigates.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Imperium Frontline Squadron

New support is on the way for the Prussian Imperium with new the Imperium Frontline Squadron.

A great pairing with the Elector Battlefleet, offering a variety of ways to build on your fleet.

Includes eight multi-part plastic miniatures, with various build options for Cruisers.

Contents: 2x Imperium Cruisers (Each Cruiser can be built as either Blucher, Augustus or Schaumburg Class) 4x Imperium Arminius Frigates.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Drum of the Nautilus

A highly detailed resin miniature, the Drum of the Nautilus is the perfect addition to the Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment.

This item is compatible with Wild West Exodus as a member of the Outlaws faction.

Contents: 1x Drum of the Nautilus 1x Base.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City has Arrived

Pre-orders for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City has opened. The latest stand-alone game from Games Workshop retails for $199 and is packed.

The game features 60 miniatures including 8 heroes, 42 hostile models, and 10 obhects. There’s of course a rulebooks, game tiles, cards, tokens, and so much more. Even better, the miniatures can be used in your games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

In Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, you and your friends take on the role of a group of disparate heroes seeking fame, treasure, and glory on the streets of Ulfenkarn. Only by working together and balancing your strengths and skills can you hope to survive.

The co-operative board game can be played solo or with up to 3 friends.

Those who order directly from Games Workshop also will get the “Key to Ulfenkarn” while supplies last.

For those that want to learn more about the Cursed City, you can also get the book Cursed City in hardcover or special edition. The special edition runs $65 while the hardcover is $27. Each comes with rules for a 9th hero that can be used in the game. The special edition is limited to 1,250 copies and is signed by the author C L Werner.

Cursed City

Lady of Sorrows is also out in paperback for $16. In Shyish, twin towns face horror – the spectral hordes of Lady Olynder will soon rise and devour their souls. One hero must stand against them – but can he face the Lady of Sorrows? The book is written by C L Werner.

Lady of Sorrows

It’s a Packed Pre-Order Release Week with Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Underworlds, Blood Bowl, and Lord of the Rings

Games Workshop has taken a few weeks off for new releases but are back with a week packed with releases that will make the wallet hurt. Check out below for everything you can get starting today.

Expand your Drukhari and Adepta Sororitas with the Piety and Pain box. The campaign box features both armies along with a 32-page campaign book featuring datasheets, missions, Crusade rules, and Theatre of War rules for urban areas.

The Adepta Sororitas army includes five heavy-weapon toting Retributors with a pair of Armorium Cherubs, a heavily armoured Immolator, and a Palatine – a new hero with head and weapons options.

The Drukhari force is a swift Wych Cult warband led by the legendary duellist Lelith Hesperax. The stunning new plastic model of this beloved character is joined by ten Wyches, five winged Scourges, and a Venom.

Piety and Pain

You’ll be able to take advantage of the new codex for the Drukhari which allows you to use your Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemoculus Covens. It’s everything you need to play. It comes in a regular and collector’s edition.

Drukhari codex

Expand your forces with the Combat Patrol: Drukhari. The box set features 18 plastic models that’s themed around the Kabals. It features an Archon leading 10 Kabalite Warriors and five Incubi into battle with a Raider and Ravager.

Combat Patrol: Drukhari

Along with the new codex you can get the Drukhari datacards and dice.

Also out for Warhammer 40,000 is The Book of Rust, the first act in the War Zone Charadon series.

This campaign book tells the story of the Death Guard invasion of the Charadon sector, home to the vital forge world Metalica. Led by Typhus himself, the followers of Nurgle swarm across the sector, with the Imperium’s defenders standing against them and the piratical Drukhari taking advantage of the anarchy to plunder and pillage.

It features three codex supplements, three armies of Renown, and help to bring together games in a narrative. There’s a regular and collector’s edition.

The Book of Rust

Crusade Mission Pack: Plague Purge adds rules for Crusade games. Designed to work with the rules in The Book of Rust, this expansion includes 24 Crusade missions – six for each game size – along with rules for playing Plague Purge Crusades and a suite of Agendas, Requisitions, and Stratagems. It also includes the basic rules for Warhammer 40,000, making it a handy reference guide while you play.

Crusade Mission Pack: Plague Purge

The Seraphon debuts in Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm with the Starblood Stalkers. The warband mixes strong and agile fighters.

Starblood Stalkers

Expand your games of Blood Bowl with a new field, team card pack, and dice and with a Halfling theme.

Merry and Pippin and Treebeard enter the battle for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. It’s the largest kit for the game in years.

Middle-earth fans can also grab a dice set themed around the Ents of Fangorn Forest.

Black Library also has a lot of releases for those who want to spend some time reading. Dan Abnett‘s Ravenor Returned gets a limited edition release. Silent Hunters is a new tale of the vicious Carcharodons Space Marines written by Edoardo Albert. Blood of the Emperor is an anthology of six stories from some of your favorite authors. Finally, Josh ReynoldsManflayer comes to paperback.

Lizard, Kraven, Mysterio, Carnage, Black Cat, and The Amazing Spider-Man are Coming to Marvel Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has released a trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. While all of these releases have been spoiled, this is our first look at the upcoming releases.

As part of this wave is a new Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man who comes with Black Cat. Mysterio is paired with Carnage. Finally, the Lizard is in a box with Kraven the Hunter. Also being released is a NYC Apartment Building terrain pack.

The four releases will be out later this year. Check out the video below and images from one of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol groups.

Redemptionists are Coming to Necromunda to Purge the Heretics

The Redemptionists are coming! The gang is one of the four gangs whose rules came in the 1996 Outlanders expansion for Necromunda. In its New Model Monday, Games Workshop has shown off the first of the new miniatures full of flaming goodness.

Redemptionists are a more hardcore Cawdor gang, even more devout than their brethren.

Redemptionists can be added to an existing Cawdor gang or can make up their own fanatical one, ready to spread the faith through their exterminators, fire pikes, or eviscerators.

The original Cult of Redemption worshipped the God-Emperor of Mankind focused on three sins:

  • Mutation
  • Being a Psyker
  • Heresy

They are often armed with chain weapons and flame weapons, ready to purge the heretics!

The Batman Miniature Game Expands with New Court of Owls, Batman ’66, and More

The Baman Miniature Game from Knight Models is packed with new releases today. The Court of Owls gets the bulk of new releases with lots of new options. There’s also an updated Batman ’66, as well as Polka-Dot Man and KGBeast!

The Court is a beautiful new sculpt that can be a centerpiece of your gang. The new model retails for $40.57.

The Court

Raptor is a freelance assassin recruited to work for the Parliament of Owls and was a partner of Nightwing. The miniature retails for $16.95.


Calvin Rose and Dementor are paired together in a set for $28.29.

Calvin Rose and Dementor

The Parliament delivers a nice base to build your force from. Included are Ephraim Newhouse, 1880’s Talon, and Henry Ballard. The trio of figures cost $21.68.

The Parliament

Talons O’Malley gives you three individuals from which to build your gang. You get O’Malley’s grandfather, father, and son. They retail for $21.68.

Talons O'Malley

The Court of Owls Talon’s Night delivers an interesting mix of miniatures to add to your gang including Lincoln March, The Talon, Strix, 1890’s Talon, Gotham Butcher, and Owl Markers. The box set retails for $66.11.

The Court of Owls Talon's Night

The KGBeast is a classic Batman villain who gets a miniature to take his skills to the tabletop. the figure retails for $21.68.


Polka-Dot Man is getting a spotlight in the upcoming The Suicide Squad. The figure retails for $17.90.

Polka-Dot Man

Rounding out the releases are the duo of classic Batman and Robin from the Batman ’66 television series. The two figures come together for $20.78.

Batman '66 Batman and Robin

Unboxing Privateer Press’ February 2021 MiniCrate – Plushie Gorghadra

MiniCrate is Privateer Press‘ monthly miniature subscription box delivering an exclusive limited-edition tabletop miniature—along with a limited edition collector’s card featuring the concept art—directly to your mailbox every month!

Box #41 features Plushie Gorghadra a variant of the Grymkin Dreamer Warlock’s 40mm-bast Phantasm from Hordes.

See what you get and you can subscribe!

Start Playing Infinity with the Military Orders Action Pack

Infinity Military Orders Action Pack

Corvus Belli has announced the launch of the new Military Orders Action Pack, a new box with which to start playing or collecting a new army of PanOceanía – the greatest hyperpower of the Infinity Universe.

Box contents:

  • 2x Coadjutor Crosiers (Combi Rifle)
  • Coadjutor Crosier (Multispectral Viewer) (Spitfire)
  • Black Friar (Heavy Rocket Launcher)
  • Knight Commander (Combi Rifle)
  • Knight of Santiago (Hacker)
  • Knight of the Holy Sepulchre (AP HMG)
  • Knight of Justice (Spitfire)
  • Infirmarer of Saint Lazarus (Boarding Shotgun)

The Military Orders are the ace in the PanOceania’s sleeve. An overwhelming force made up of intrepid knights driven by their religious fervor and readiness to engage in close combat with the enemy. The Military Orders are an absolute break of the traditional combat style of the PanOceanian Military Complex – a trump card that is as unexpected as it is fearsome.

This elite force, led by the charismatic Joan of Arc, is formed by different religious orders specialized in direct or heavily armored action operations capable of executing any type of special operation, adopting the necessary role.

Relentless like no one else, they are PanOceanía’s greatest strike force against the Combined Army.

Military Orders Action Pack will be released in April,  but on the occasion of its release, will be available via preorder from March 8 to 22. During this period, Corvus Belli will offer the following exclusive miniatures that will only be available in the pre-order:

  • Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza, Pre-order Exclusive Miniature
  • Knight of Montesa, Pre-Order Exclusive Pack

Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza Pre-order Exclusive Miniature can also be used as an alternative Skin of the same character in the board game Aristeia! as the blister contains its own card. It can be used in both games by Corvus Belli: Infinity the Game and Aristeia!

Knight of Montesa – Pre-Order Exclusive Pack is an exclusive pack consisting of two Montesa Knight miniatures (one standing and the other on a motorcycle) which are playable in any generic PanOceanian army, and in the Military Orders, Varuna and Acontecimento sectorials.

The perfect addition to the Military Orders Action Pack!

Para Bellum Reveals a Limited Edition W’adrhŭn Preview Figure Plus the Servite

The W’adrhŭn are coming to Conquest and Para Bellum Wargames has a limited edition figure to preview off the new faction.

Coming March 22, you can pre-order the preview edition of the Scion of Conquest. The figure is available for pre-order now and retails for $24.

Scion of Conquest

The Order of the Sealed Temple’s strength is not limited to their warriors. The Servite helps guide and support forces adding +1 to March and Resolve.

The Hundred Kingdoms: Servite is available for pre-order now and retails for $24.

Hundred Kingdoms: Servite

And, for those waiting for the German version of the rulebooks, you can get them now. Download German translations of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood.

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