Ch-Ch-Changes are Coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Marvel: Crisis Protocol

During this weekend’s Ministravaganza from Atomic Mass Games, the company announced changes coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Along with new miniatures, new updates that are sure to shake up the current game were revealed.

The core rules update includes the following changes:

  • 10 tactic cards along with making fewer unaffiliated cards. The idea is to make a more narrow focus of characters and team building focused on affiliations.

But, that’s a minor change it seems.

  • Crisis selection is changing. Full random crisis selection is coming possibly bringing more balance to the game.
  • Infinity Gems will no longer take up a roster slot. Now, players will state which gems characters are using at roster construction instead of list construction.
  • The same character can be taken multiple times! Multiple Spider-Man! Multiple Black Widow! You can finally take multiple characters with the same Alias on your roster but won’t be able to use them on the same squad. This is absolutely a move by Atomic Mass Games to shift the game towards affiliations and has a lot of impact on certain ones.

The rules changes will be out before the end of the year.

But, the biggest “ask” is coming! Updated character cards! Cards are not just getting an updated look but “classic” characters will be getting updates! These updated character cards will be released for free with a character pack being released later.

You can watch the full panel below!

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