Classic Clue returns with a new look and update!

Who killed Boddy Black? Solve the mystery in a suspenseful and newly reimagined Clue board game with a brand new update available nowHasbro has announced that the iconic mystery-solving board game Clue received a refresh that combines classic Clue gameplay with rich new takes on the original murder mystery storyline, an intriguing diverse cast, highly-stylized game pieces, and the glamorous Tudor Mansion. The next chapter of Clue is now available at most major retailers for fans.

When six carefully chosen guests arrive at Boden “Boddy” Black’s mansion after receiving a mysterious invitation, none are certain what to expect. But when their host turns up dead after revealing a sinister blackmail scheme at dinner, the pressure is on to solve the mystery. This Clue murder mystery game is beautifully reimagined with a dazzling cast, luxurious setting, and fresh storyline. Players can choose to play as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, or Professor Plum and race against other players to crack the case by gathering evidence and narrowing down choices. Each playable Clue suspect has been thoughtfully revamped to reflect a new character, with a meaningful backstory and motive, that engrosses players in the world of Clue.

The new Clue board expands to a satisfying 20 by 20-inch gameplay canvas, giving players a bird’s-eye overview of the intricate Tudor Mansion. The entire box set is designed to resemble Boddy Black’s desk, which is covered with blackmail evidence he’s acquired – giving players a chance to always discover more intel to unfold the mystery, from the front to the back of the box. Gone are the generic-colored pawns and simplistic murder weapon pieces, which are replaced with sculpted character movers made of metal with golden finish, richly textured weapons for a more captivating and aesthetically pleasing feel.

Be immersed in an incredible mystery worth solving again and again! And the Clue complexities keep coming… in 2023 and beyond, fans will want to stay on guard as the Clue stories will continue to expand even further through new games and virtual experiences featuring shocking new twists and turns and edgy encounters that will instantly transport you to another world… the first piece of evidence might be in plain sight!

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