Closer Look: The Mighty Thor Heroclix: Flora Colossus and Sword!

Over the weekend we opened up and showed off (with some technical issues) a brick of the upcoming The Mighty Thor Heroclix set from WizKids. We’re kicking off a closer look at each of the figures we saw with some general thoughts on their gameplay and sculpt.

Up first, Flora Colossus and Sword!

Sculpt: I Am (Not Groot)! This colossul figure feels like it in the hands with a fantastically detailed miniature that’s subtlely nice. While pretty monochromatic, the Flora Colossus has some shading with the various cracks in the bark making every inch of the figure pop.

The figure has a nice amount of detail with the various branches coming out of the back and top of the head and the sunken eyes give it a very alien feel to it all. Especially nice is the figure for the most part just covering its base with only its arms and head reaching over.

The pose as well gives the impression of a slow lumbering figure chasing down it’s nemesis ready to strike. Fans of a certain tree like character will want to check this one out.

Card/Gameplay: There’s a point cost for whatever mood you’re in and if played intelligently this figure can quickly become a pain with it’s abilitiy to heal bast its starting line. With a 1/3 chance of healing one click on land and two in water, this is a character that will have to be dealt with quickly.

The retaliation is also nice allowing you to quickly go on the offensive. You have a character that can do damage to quite a few of your opponents. A solid defensive character I may slowly move towards the opponent healing while waiting to be struck and then counter attack with it. Also to be able to hit opposing characters 3 squares away will force your opponent to spread out. However, if you begin the game on the 10-point starting line, you won’t be able to attack smaller characters unless it’s through Colossal Retaliation, so what point value you go for will be a key with this one.

To also give an action token with Quake potentially helps shut down your opponents if played intelligently.

Combined with other abilities like Charge, Sidestep, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, and Close Combat Expert, and you’ve got a figure that’s a potential beast when it comes to the attack.

Deciding what your starting click is to maximize abilities/stats and points will be key with this one.

Sculpt: It’s a sword in a rock…. The miniature is a decent one and I can see modeling enthusiasts going for it for other projects. The rock itself is decent and looks less like mud/poo than this picture shows off. The sword itself lacks a lot of detail though.

Card/Gameplay: For four points you can give someone blades/claws/fangs… Could be helpful in some builds though there feels like other equipment that might be better for the price.

You can watch the video of the unboxing below (sorry about the audio issues).

WizKids provided Board Game Today with a FREE brick for review.

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