Closer Look: The Mighty Thor Heroclix: Thor

Over the weekend we opened up and showed off (with some technical issues) a brick of the upcoming The Mighty Thor Heroclix set from WizKids. We’re kicking off a closer look at each of the figures we saw with some general thoughts on their gameplay and sculpt.

Up next is #1 in the set… Thor!

Sculpt: What would a set be without Thor (and there’s 5 depending how you count them in this set)!? The figure is #1 in the set kicking it off with a figure that hearkens back to his earliest of look and is about the 40th time the character has appeared in the game. This look is taken straight from the comics and is a solid translation.

While the face of the character suffers from the usual limitations of Heroclix figures, the cape, helmet, and hammer all have solid detailing to make up for it. From the bottom strap of the hammer to the winds coming off of the helmet and flow of the cape, it’s the small details that make this figure work.

The pose is a classic one and overall, while it’s not super dynamic, this is a Thor that’s a great translation of his comic depiction.

Card/Gameplay: At just 50 points this is the cheapest Thor in modern but it also has the lowest number of clicks for any Thor in modern. It’s cheap, but a lot, but also a few clicks short of others. The dial too is a bit slower and less attacks with a comparable strength and defense to others. It’s cheaper but its dial is just enough to see why. Still, this is still a pretty tough figure and has its useful.

What stands out is the Quake “Mjolnir Slam” which guarantees at least 1 damage. To get that in helps create a nice steady damage machine and for the cheap points a figure that might be a good fit for your Asgardian or Avengers team.

You can watch the video of the unboxing below (sorry about the audio issues).

WizKids provided Board Game Today with a FREE brick for review.

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