CMON Reveals Exclusive Brick and Mortar Retail Program CMON Play

At the GAMA Trade Show 2017, CMON Limited unveiled CMON Play, a new retail program exclusive to brick and mortar stores in North America, including Canada. This new program is designed to help promote the growth of retail stores by offering exclusive access to Game Night Kits, Pre-Release Kits, Demo Copies, and Kickstarter Retail Pledges from CMON’s wide library of titles. CMON wants to ensure our retailers have the tools they need to keep their businesses and communities thriving.

Signing up for CMON Play is completely free and can be done through by clicking on “CMON Play” at the top of the page. Once a store has applied and the CMON sales team has ensured it is a physical store, members have access to several great offerings, all exclusive to the CMON Play program.

Game Night Kits allow stores to run events for popular CMON games, such as Zombicide: Black Plague, Blood Rage, Potion Explosion, and Bloodborne: The Card Game. Kits will be available every two months, beginning with Black Plague in June, and will offer game content that has never been available before. Running these Game Night Kits as events also allows stores to earn points that can be spent through CMON directly.

Continuing the retail-first philosophy of CMON Play are the Pre-Release Kits. For specific, high-profile games, CMON is offering retailers the ability to sell the title two weeks before any non-CMON Play store and online retailers, beginning with the highly-anticipated The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire from designer Eric M. Lang.

Stores can also order Demo Copies of CMON’s core games at a discount, allowing for a store to better sell games by educating customers and staff. The final CMON Play offering is exclusive access to CMON’s Kickstarter Retail Pledges for popular titles like Rising Sun. Members can join the Kickstarter through CMON’s Sales Department, gaining access to the core pledge level at increments of 6, 9, and 12. Optional Buys are also available for purchase in the same amount pledges are ordered in.

To help promote the different CMON Play offerings, members will have access to advertising content that can be used on social media, store websites, and more. Members will also have their stores posted on the “Store & Events” section of the CMON website, so customers can find locations near them and see what type of events are being hosted. To remain a member of the program, stores need to only utilize three offerings in any combination, such as three demo copies; a demo copy, pre-release kit, and a game night kit; or any other combination that fits the store’s needs. Ordering these is easy as well.

Stores can order from any of the CMON Play partner distributors, including Alliance, ACDD, Southern Hobby, PHD, and GTS, or CMON directly. Members can choose to order from any distributor or CMON at any time, so they are not locked into just one.

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