Coming in September from Mayfair, Food Chain and Run Bunny Run

Food Chain

MFG5812 – $15

Mayfair’s card game brings all the animals to the yard! The birds like the worms, the dogs scare the cats, and the fleas LOVE the dogs! Anticipate which animals your opponents will play and counter with the right animals to be at the top of the food chain!

Everyone has a set of animals: worms, birds, cats, dogs and fleas.

Each turn, you try and guess what the other players are going to reveal, and hope that you pick something higher in the food chain than them. If you do, you claim their cards as points, but if something is higher than you, they get you and your cards from the round. An exciting game of prediction and prey!

Run Bunny Run

MFG5813 – $15

The wolves want rabbit for dinner but the bunny has other ideas! The rabbit has superior agility but the wolves have pack tactics. Will the wolves feast or will the rabbit rest easy in its comfy den?

One player is the bunny trying to make it to his home, and the rest are hungry wolves! The wolf players move by placing cards that show where their next move will be, and work as a group to corner the rabbit. The rabbit player moves relatively, trying to find a path through the danger and to safety. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?

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