Conquest: First Blood gets a Two Player Starter Set: W’adrhŭn vs The Old Dominion

Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: This special 2-player starter set is themed for the fast paced narrative game, First Blood. With 50 Conquest miniatures, these may be used to play either First Blood or the mass fantasy battle game The Last Argument of Kings. One miniature set, one world of Eä, two game styles to play! The box set features the Old Dominion, the newest, 6th faction, to be released for the Conquest series.

Your starter army contains the Kheres, Moroi, Praetorians and Legionaires infantry set with the Xhillarch character. The W’adrhŭn starter army comes ready to play with Blooded, Braves, Hunters, and Slingers infantry sets with the Predator character. This includes 2 deluxe paperback copies of the new 2.0 First Blood Rulebook (in English), Narrative Quick Start Scenarios, Living World Information Cards, and a path of Conquest guide that helps players understand how to next advance their gameplay!

Available for pre-order: USA/CanadaEU/Rest of the World

First Blood! is 2.0 a fully-fledged competitive, skirmish wargame! To do that we focused on the nuances of individual Model positioning and intra-Regiment synergies. The rules now treat individual teams of soldiers as building blocks together which form powerful ad-hoc formations. It is each player’s job to find the weak point in their enemy’s formation and disentangle it through smart maneuvering and intelligent order of play!

A5, 96 page fully illustrated and color rulebook.

Available for pre-order: USA/CanadaEU/Rest of the World

First Blood! rulebook

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