Conquest’s next faction revealed!

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, launched a new special event on its interactive lore platform, the Living World. Codenamed ‘Project 8,’ the event presented three candidate factions for release after the City States, (the seventh faction to join the ranks of Conquest in February 2023). The choice was between the elemental Sorcerer Kings, the hardened and versatile Dogs of War, or the spawned creations of Hel, the Conquest Community will decide!

With the most voting of any Living World event in the history of Conquest’s interactive platform, Para Bellum has announced that Sorcerer Kings will be the 8th faction, coming out in 2024. The community spoke, and while the contest was a tight race, the Sorcerer Kings with a vote total of 41.76% nudged out Hel which came in second with a vote total of 39.68%. The Dogs of War ended the vote with 18.56%.

What are the Sorcerer Kings – God-killers. Masters of Elements. Founders of not mere kingdoms but of an entire continent and its civilization. Once members of an elite cabal of practitioners of the Old Dominion who drunk hastily into the power left behind by the Anathematic, the Sorcerer Kings eagerly shift in their elemental thrones as the winds of fortune change, inviting them home… An exciting race, one that will make for an exciting introduction to Conquest gameplay in 2024.

Conquest The Sorcerer Kings

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