Cryptozoic Entertainment Expands their Partnership with Publishing Services, Inc.

CryptozoicCryptozoic Entertainment has announced they are expanding their partnership with Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI). This will allow for increased distribution of Cryptozoic’s game products. The sales plan with PSI opens up new channels for distribution, delivers enhanced supply-chain methods, brings new key accounts and provides an expert view of the retail landscape.

In April Cryptozoic announced that its relationship with Alliance Game Distributors for board games had been modified to “allow for additional distribution through a select number of other companies.” That was the first sign that the company was looking to expand their distribution elsewhere.

Earlier this month Cryptozoic also announced it would cease direct to consumer sales of trading cards and binders, allowing for more product to be available with stores.

All of these taken together show Cryptozoic is focused on strengthening their distribution channels and relationship with stores to enhance the sale of all of their products. Should be interesting to see how this might translate as things go on.

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