Cryptozoic Reveals some DC Deck-Building Plans for 2016

DC Deck-Building Teen TitansSpeaking to ICv2 at Gen Con, Cryptozoic reveal some of their plans for 2016 for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. The company will be releasing a new expansion pack, Crisis Expansion Pack 3, which will feature the Suicide Squad, a new RivalsBatman Vs. Superman set that introduces a game board, another stand along set, and some other Crisis Packs.

The Suicide Squad focuses Crisis Pack sounds like it’ll be a fantastic addition to the game. Not only will it focus on cooperative play, but like Forever Evil featured the team of bad guys at the center of attention as the main focus of the game as far as playable characters. It also will attempt to create they’re rather fun bickering into the game in a new mechanic that includes a “traitor-ish” mechanic. There’s also a 100% cooperative play mode with heroes you can play with any of the sets. This expansion is planned in the first quarter of 2016.

Planned to come out when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, Cryptozoic will be releasing The DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals-Batman vs. Superman set. This continues the Rivals set concept which is a two-player introductory game. The set will feature art from the comics, so it should be interesting to see what the set includes as far as that. The set will also feature a game board.

[The board] will actually be split down the middle long-ways. It’ll have Batman on one side, Superman on the other. So if I’m playing Batman, I sit over here and you are staring down Batman on my side of the board and vice versa. That’ll be very cool. We’re excited for that one.

The 2016 stand-alone box set is still being put together. The company is looking at a team-up concept with it being a 2-on-2 game instead of every man for themselves. This could be much needed variation to the game, which will be fantastic.

This December sees the release of a new Crossover Pack based on Watchmen. After that, there will be another one focused on villains and one based on The Flash television series.

(via ICv2)

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