Da Black Orcs are Coming to Blood Bowl. Waaagh!

A new season/edition of Games Workshop‘s Blood Bowl is coming and with it a brand new team, the Black Orcs!

The Black Orcs are bigger, thougher, and smarter than regular Orcs. They’re the best the Orcs have to offer. A little grumpy, they take the game seriously with a disciplined approach to the game… smashing the other team into the ground.

The team of course features Black Orcs, but it’s the Goblins who may be the stars. Goblins are used to boost the running game. Along with Trolls, the Goblins aren’t your typical ones. They’re highly trained as well and much more reliable when it comes to what goes on in the pitch.

But, with the Black Orcs comes a new take on the classic Varag Ghoul-Chewer, one of the nastiest orcs around.

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