DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash Review: Green Arrow Robin Hood and Ollie

In September, the latest DC Dice Masters set, DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash will be released. Wizkids hooked us up with ten booster packs and after an unboxing video, I’m now going over groupings of the cards to discuss their playability and how they stack up to previous versions of the characters.

Up first Green Arrow (common and uncommon). I received three Green Arrows out of the ten booster packs, of which of the three cards, two were foil.

DC Dice Masters The Flash Green Arrow Green Arrow

Cost – 5 Mask/Shield

Team Arrow

Die – Generic/Mask & Shield/Mask & Shield

1 5 1 / 1 6 2 / 2 7 3

Character Previous Set: DC Dice Masters Justice League

First thoughts: All three of the cards have the new Team Arrow marking. This is new to the set, so if you plan on running this team, you’ll be looking at those to use as opposed to previous incarnations of Green Arrow.

Compared to the previous version these two cards are a bit more to purchase, but their fielding cost is the the same. For that increase in purchase price, besides the card text, the stats of the die are a bit better with level 1 and level 2 have 1 more strength and level 3 having 2 more strength.


Green Arrow: Robin Hood (Common)

Synergy – While Green Arrow is active, when an opposing action die targets one of your character dice, you may pay MASK SHIELD to choose a new target. (Synergy abilities can be used while the character is active, any time you could use a Global Ability.)

Thoughts: For a common, Synergy could come in really handy. Basic Action die which could wipe out characters instead could be redirected and I could see this being really handy when hit by Delayed Blast Fireball for instance. Where I can really see this being used is to redirect damage to trigger abilities set off by damage greating a potentially solid combo.

The big question is, will you be facing opposing action dice that target one of yours? If so, this could be a helpful counter.


Green Arrow: Ollie (Uncommon)

While Green Arrow is active, when you field a Mask or Shield character die, Green Arrow gets +2D (if a character dies is MASK and SHIELD he gets +4D instead) (until end of turn).

Thoughts: This is a pretty common ability for cards, field x gain y for your attack or defense. It’s a big defensive gain for a character with really low defense. And without knowing how many dual MASK SHIELD characters there are in the set, it’s hard to say how often you’ll be getting +4D. Compared to the Uncommon in the Justice League set which allows you to spin an opposing character down 1 when fielded, this 6 to purchase die is hard to get too excited about. Still, it’s interesting and while I doubt we’ll see a lot of it, the complete verdict is out as to how useful this will be.


Final thoughts: I like Green Arrow from DC Dice Masters: Justice League, and while this die has the Team Arrow affiliation it doesn’t stack up to whats already been released. The common could find some decent game play depending what the meta is like, but while these two are handy, previous versions for me have much more use.

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