D&D Announces Their Extra Life Team

dndlogoFor the second year in a row, Dungeons & Dragons will be returning to the Extra Life fundraising/gaming event! On October 25-26, members of the D&D team (and friends!) will run the second annual D&D game marathon, helping to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

The tabletop roleplaying game will be live-streamed on the D&D Twitch TV channel starting at 8 AM PST on Saturday, October 25. Senior Producer for D&D R&D, Greg Bilsland, will serve as Dungeon Master, running a rotating group of players through the recently released Hoard of the Dragon Queen tabletop adventure for 24 hours using the D&D fifth edition rules set.

Other members of the D&D Extra Life team include Rodney Thompson (designer for the D&D fifth edition tabletop roleplaying game rules set and the Lords of Waterdeep board game), Chris Dupuis (D&D game designer), Emi Tanji (D&D graphic designer), James Wyatt and Gavin Verhey (game & experience designers, Magic: The Gathering), all from Wizards of the Coast. Special guests include Keith Baker (creator, Eberron setting), Erin M. Evans (author of the upcoming, Fire in the Blood novel) Jeremy Petter (LoadingReadyRun) and Mike Selinker (president, Lone Shark Games).

Visit the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page for more information on joining or contributing to the team.

Every adventuring party needs a quest, and the quest on October 25-26 is to help kids!

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