D&D Attack Wing Wave Eleven Details

dnd_attack_wing_wave_elevenWizkids has announced what we can expect in the eleventh wave release for their game D&D Attack Wing. The release will feature the standard three releases and will include a Gold Dwarf Cleric which will retail for $14.99, an Elven Darkenbeast which will retail for $19.99, and a Copper Dragon which will retail for $19.99 and should be out in September.

Clerics are one of the main classes when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons and the Dwarf Cleric is just a classic when it comes to roleplaying games. So much so that one comes as a pre-generated character in the Dungeons & Dragons starter set. When it comes to the Dwarves, their clerics are intermediaries between the mortal world and the distant planes of the gods and they embody their role and domain. Expect this character to deal a lot with healing and blessing. Expect a tough, and slow character, to use to help heal the rest of your forces.

Not a whole lot is known about the Elven Darkenbeast. The creature seems to be playing a decent role in the next D&D campaign, Elemental Evil. From a lot of searching, I found some reference dealing with a spellcaster named Tresk summoning one during a battle with Liriel Baenre, a rogue drow mage, fighter, and magic user. In general though, the Darkenbeast is a normal animal that’s been magically transformed into a savage beast. They fight with either their fangs or a combo of their fangs and claws, so expect some options there, probably through card upgrades. They are generally summoned by a mage and given telepathic direction. It could be cool if this was the case here, with some bonus due to their ability to not having to check morale. They also have a weakness to light.

The Copper Dragon we’ve seen before in the main set, so we’ll see how the Blue Dragon differs in Wave 7.

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