D&D Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend this Fall and a Look at Strahd

Wizkids has announced that they’ll be hosting a Rainbow Draft Weekend geared towards their Dice Masters game and Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend will take place in the fall. The game company has also posted up a look at Strahd himself.

The organized play card has a max of 4 dive and “Experience,” “Energy Drain” and if you have the star at level 3, “While Strahd is active, once per turn, when an opposing Adventurer takes damage Strahd immediately gains an Experience token.” He regularly doesn’t count as an Adventurer.

13501674_10153960690564079_6317907957943783746_nSo, what do you think about this card?

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