Death Zone Returns to Blood Bowl and Brings More OPtions to the Pitch

Blood Bowl: Death Zone

When it comes to Blood Bowl, the words “Death Zone” have a special meaning. Death Zone has been the title to numerous expansions to the game bringing new rules and ways to play. Games Workshop has revealed Blood Bowl: Death Zone, which will do exactly that for the second season edition.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is the first major supplement for the game bringing with it a wide variety of rules and additions to the tabletop miniature game.

Within Blood Bowl: Death Zone, coaches will find a variety of Mercenary players. Not as well known as Star Players, they can bring crucial skills to teams to fill in a weak spot on the roster. Mercenary players are in five broad categories with a lot of options.

Also featured within Blood Bowl: Death Zone are new environments to play your matches. You can take your games deep underground or play in a frozen blizzard.

The popular “Sevens” comes to Blood Bowl: Death Zone as well. The game is a fun variant for Blood Bowl perfect to bring in new players, practice, or some fun. Sevens features smaller teams and a smaller pitch. With a “smaller” format, the game is faster to set up and play.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone Sevens

Blood Bowl: Death Zone also features new inducements, options for various types of stadiums, unique balls, special match events, and more!

We’ll have more updates as they’re revealed.

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